I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [9]

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"Garret, whats going on?" I demanded.

"Rylie.I can understand if your upset about this-"

"Upset, i'm furiours, what's going on?"

"Calm down,"-Drew, well I quess Benjamin said for the first time, in a very casual tone "Don't kill anyone"

I turned aroun and glared "You keep talking, and i swear i'll kill you"

He put his hands up infront of him, as a sign of peace. But right now i would gladly brake one of his arms and not think twice.

He sat down in the chair next to me, his expression plain.

"Garret, what is going on?" I said again.

"Everything you know is information planted by the government, for the people who did this to think that i'm dead. when actually..."

"Your walking the halls of a government ficilty."

He nodded


"My father was a goverment offical, who wittnessed a weapons devloper make-"

"I know the story, what i want to is, why are you sitting next to me when your supposed to be in the ground" i leaned in and wispered "If you don't tell me the truth, then i'll put you in the ground myself"

He swoalled hard but his expression stayed plain "Garret came to my house the day before and insisted that my family left little rock, becuase 'the company'- as they're known found out that where we were. So we left the next day, Garret followed in the car behind us. While we were driving through death valley, a car came out of now were and ran us off the road. I never even saw it, i don't now were it came from. then the next thing i was lying in a hospital bed, with garret lying over me. He hid me away after that, only becuase the people who wanted my family dead thought that they had succeded, and we don't want them to know anything."

"They think your dead?" i said and he nodded.

"But why... why would you bring him here, and allow me to believe the lie?"

"Becuase we had to until, we found out..." he trailed off.

"Find ouy what exactly?"

"We found the poeple who kill his parents, and where going to take them down."

Ben leaned into me "But we need your help"

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