I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [6]

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By next morning at breakfest, the whole college was a buzz about the new guy.

I sat donw at my usual table, surrounded by my friends, of course they were talking about Drew.

"Hey Rylie, is it true you got attacked by four guys, and he killed three of them?"

"No"I said hasitly, running my fingers through my blonde hair. "He witnessed me bagging the John Doe, I don't even think he knew what I did, he seemed pretty okay about everything" My re-telling was followed by a processen of ooo's and ahhh's.

Thia was really starting to annoy me.

"Hey Rylie!" I turned around to see Drew walking up to the table with a bowl of cereral. He sat down next to me, I glarded at him, and slowly edges myself closer to Connor, on the other side of me. Everyone at the table was silent, staring in awe. Good God, what was so appealing, the musky sent or the way he goobeled down his cereal.

"Can you believe it, there's no Granola, I mean what kind of place is this?" he said to chuckle to himself, nudging me in my arm, I turned and punched him the ribs.

He dropped his spoon and gasped for air, smiling to myself, I stood with my tray of eaten food and walked away.

"Hey Rye" I turned to see Drew, walking over me his arms crossed, protectivly across his chest.

"You don't like me much, do you?"

I raised my eye brow, notr saying aything.

"I don't get it, why not?"

"No." I said feircly, "You don't get it! Do you knowwhat this place actually is, Have you taken a walk through these halls? This isn't a normal school!"

"Yeah you can say that again, no granola"

"We aren't 'Men' or 'Women in black!' we are assassians. We are bought up here, trained here, from a young age. Slay College is a government run instuiten. America, the most powerful government in the world, is training a group of young assassian to do their dirty work. And you knopw what, your a part of it now..."

After I walked away, I didn't feel like going to first hour Lungistics.

Instead I took a walk around the grounds.

Slay college was origanlly an 18th century mansion, the oldest in Washington. It has it's own add-on's complete gym, with pool and diving boards, also a simulation tank. An twelve car garage, with half a dozen motorbikes and a helecopter luanch pad. It's like somethig you'd see on MTV Cribs, expect that it's a school.

This school was fist established back in 1776, shortly after the singed the declaration of inderpenced. The government thought that they'd need some form, of plan B. That's where this school comes in, they form this school train us, then were on call, to whatever the situation. Most of us only graduate as body gaurds, and if were lucky we'll get to guard the president.

But not for me, I'm more like the presidents personal assassian. Hopefully, Connor will be with me during all of this. I haven't dated in a while, and last time I did it didn't turn out that great.

walking back through the halls, I saw Drew talking to Monique, his arm rested above his head on the wall. Wow classic pickup stance...not! As is Monique would really go for him. I watched as she swung out her hand, it collided with his cheek, instantly leaving behind a red hand mark. She walked off with her head held high.

Good job!

Monique was a slut, but she did have a reputation to be...rough.

"I think she likes me" he said as he saw me approaching.

"What are you doing?" I asked plainly.

"I was in the middle of a conversation with the wall, but your no better to talk to than him so i'll stick with you"

It make jokes...how cute.

"What class do you have next?" I asked.

He unfolded his piece of paper "Chemistry"

Great my class "Come on" I sighed "It's this way." He turned around, shoulders knocking with Chris Mathers. Serious ager issues, someone not to mess with. But Drew did.

"Whatch it!" he growled, Chris stoped dead, and glared at Drew.

"What," He snarled "Did you say?"

I saw a flash of fear in Drew's eyes, but it soon disappered "I said" he said, in a harsh voice "'Watch it!'"

Chris lost it- I guess to say that i was please that Drew was going to be taught a lesson would seem mean, but I was happy.

Chris Swung his Fist at Drew, but Drew caught it. He held Chris's first then dropped, throwing out a blow that struck Chris in the eye. Dancing around Chris, he landed a few more blows and kick, Was he smiling? Was he enjoying this?

How did know how to fight so well?

Finally Chris had enough, he caught Drew off gaurd with a blow to his cheek, he flew backwards crashing into the wall.

Alot more people had gathered now, and were getting into the fight.

I even think I herd a few people yell "Kill!"

Drew got up hasitly, spitting blod onto the 200 year old carpet.

Chris came at him again, but he ducked around him. He got Chris in a head lock, but not used in a class room, he was choking the life out of Chris, and thats what he did.

Chris struggled until, his body became limp. Drew dropped his body, he whipped a hand across his forehead, panting.

What had he done?

Who was he?

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