I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [26]

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It took us and hour top actually navigate our way out of the city, and get on a back highway out of New York State. Not long after that we were speeding along a high way through Pennsylvania.

"Wow," I said, taking a quick peek at the speed-o-metre "you can really open this baby up huh?"

My comment earned me another mock punch to the shoulder.

I quickly peeked behind me; Garret was still out cold in the back. This was good, as we were coming up to a service station and we desperately needed gas. Connor pulled into the station and got out to fill up the tank; he left the little thing-a-ma-jig in cap to keep filling it up as he went to the back and opened the trunk. He came back with couple of items to clothing.

"Likely the couple left their suitcases in here, it would look pretty suspicious if we went anywhere in these clothes."

I held up a daft pair of stonewashed jeans and plaid shirt. "When is it acceptable to where stonewashed jeans?" rhetorical question, "Never!"

Connor chuckled, "You don't get much of a choice, because it's either that or a latex corset, with the boobs cut out of it."

"Puts your hands up for stonewash!" I said, with a heighten in my tone. And took the jeans. Stepping out of the car, I pulled the jeans on underneath my dress, before unzipping the side and slipping if off. I quickly pulled the shirt on to cover myself up before anyone could see. I tossed the sequined dress back to Connor and he put it back in the trunk.

Connor went in to pay off the gas, and I sat with my back against the dashboard looking at Garret, closely watching him to see any disturbance that might show he was coming around. We'd been on the move for two and a half hours now, and I didn't want to risk anything by having him wake up. And hit the distress button I know was convieniently located, on the inside of his jacket pocket. Regardless, I leaned over my seat, and carefully opened the right flap of his jacket.

"Looking for this?" came a voice, and I turned around to see Connor holding up the panic button, he slipped into his own pocket, handed me an assortment of goodies before sitting down in the driver’s seat, and taking off again.

"Don't worry," I know not to smash it or anything, "it'll set it off all the same, so as long as it remains unharmed, or un- pressed, we'll be fine."

I looked down at what Connor had bought chips, peanut butter cups, a couple of waters and a home first aid kit. "Nice loot, good going on the peanut butter cups"

"They are your favourite" he gave a quick smile, which dropped into look of disbelieve as he caught me stuffing two into my mouth at once.

I waved my hand "Look away!" I tried to shout, but due to the crowdedness in my mouth it came out as "ook awa!"

Connor started to laughed "you pig!" he teased, and it was my turn to mock punch him in the arm.

"My secret weakness!" I giggled as I finished swallowing them.

"You’re cute"

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