I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [21]

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"Connor... ..." I breathed, my throat stung, my tongue sat in my mouth like a lump of meat. My eye lids felt heavy and my eye lashes glued together. My mind slipped away with the sound of an alarm fading into the background...

Something struck my cheek and my eyes fluttered open. Sterile light blinded me and sanitiser was thick in the air. I was in the hospital, how didget here? Ben was in the bed next to me, out cold, bruises covering  the eye and cheek that was visible to me. I started to sit up slowly when a nurse came in, I lied back down and  closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. I watched the nurse, through my eye lashes, she cheek my cart and wrote a few things down, then went over to Ben's bed and did the same thing.  The nurse left, I waited a while, before sitting up again. I slipped out of bed, and crossed the flood to lean over him, his head was banged as was most of his body. His eyes were purple and his lips were swollen. The slow beeping on the monitor followed his heart rate in labored beats. I closed my eyes and listened to the beeping, sometimes it beeped more than one at a time and other times he missed beats.
I opened my eyes to loo at his face again, my guard down, my heart rate up, I leaned in and slowly kissed him on the cheek, his cold skin burned my lips and a small tear escaped from my eye lids, it ran down my cheek and landed on his. I gently wiped it away, our skin on skin touch was enough to wake up, his hand flying up to catch mine. I jumped back, in shock.

"Sorry" he said, "I didn't mean to scare you, sorry"

"You frightened me!" I snapped, pulling my hand out of his.

"Sorry" he said again.

"Stop saying sorry!"

He looked down "Sorry"

I shook my head, and sat down on the bed, my hands rested on his chest, feeling the rise and fall of his heart.

"Are you gonna' kill me yet?"

I shrugged "I thought I'd at least let you enjoy the morphine first"

"Fair enough"

I shook my head, and got to my feet "You know how annoying this is, wanting to kill you and wanting to kiss you at the same time. But then again...you tried to kill me, and Connor. Why would I think about kissing you again anyway"

"It could be my killer charms and devilishly good looks, and the fact my hair has that sort of Robert Pattinson shag to it" one of his purple eyes winked at me.

I srhugged again,, "Two tears in a bucket, fuck it" I said and I grabbed a pillow form my bed, walked over to his and pressed it down on his face. I sung: "On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball 'cause somebody sneezed" his thrashing soon came to and end, another tear left my eye. I wiped it away, and sat down on his bed again. Leaning in to him, I kissed him softly on the lips...

...and he kissed me back, his tongue surging forward into my mouth. I pulled back in shock " You smug bastard, wont you ever die"

"Nine lives"

He pulled me back into him, and kissed me again and this time I let him....

...I've never liked hospitals, they're so sterile and they make me feel exposed....
I don't how but when I woke up in one,  bright lights blaring, sanitizer fogged air. I sat up, my stomach dropped and my head stretched out in all directions. Soft hands grasped my shoulders and pulled me back down to the bed. 
"Take it easy Ryles" It was Connor, the feathered down in the pillow, felt like a brick wall when my head hit it.
"What happened?" I said, my throat hoarse.
"You were in a car accident"
I moaned, I turning over so that I could look at him sitting down by my bed. "No shit Sherlock, I mean what happened after the accident? Wheres Ben"
Connor, looked down, then back at me, a sly smile rose on his lips, and his tongue poked out a little and he giggled.  "He was declared dead on the way to the hospital"

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