I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [3]

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The Estate was destered when we arrived near sunset.

Monique scanned throught the newsite, there was no reports about any killings.

Something told me that the government wasn't covering this up.

"Hey Rylie" Monique said "I think you should see this" she said leaning against, the car, her laptop set up on the hood, her fingers ran over the keyborad frantically typying.

"What is it?" I demanded walking ovre ot the car.

"I know who our Mr. Invisble is" she said wtih a sly smile "His name is Phil Havery, government offical, killed April 26th 2007 in an explosian in Sudan"

"What?" I screeched. Looking at the photo, of the man I confronted last night. He was thin, dark hair dark eyes. Pretty cute actually.

Truthfully this was the man I had confronted.

"That can't be right. Sudan '07?"

"That's what it says, why?"

"That was my hit!" I said fruiously "I Set off an explosion in the desert where a group of men were trafficing women and children. I was working alone, I didn't know anything about this"

"Well clearly its not true, I mean he's still alive"

"But he used my hit as a cover."

"He probably didn't do it intentionally" Connor said, speaking of rthe first time.

I shot him an evil glare, he back away immedatly.

I and started to storm away throught the garden. I came, to a hedge maze, not caring I walked into it soon becoming lost.

I wasn't expectcing an attack.

He-Phil came out of the bushes, knifes in hand slahing them at my face. I back into a wall, trapped. I ducked around his attack. Pulling out one of my knife, I sunk it into his chest. But he kept going, no wonder he didn't actually die the first time- i bet an explosion feels like a little tickle.

producing my other, knife, I pushed one into his right lung slahsing the other across his stomach. He cringed, letting out a small whimper, he fell to the ground.

Panting I dropped my bloody knife. That was easy than i thought.

Then I relized that i wasn't alone pulling out of my gun, i turned to face it to the shadows "Who's there" i spat

A guy Apperared, my age maybe older by a year. not much muscle, tan, with blond hair that fell over his eyes, he was cute.

Looking fairly calm at gun point he spoke "Wow, that was so cool" he said.

i started to lower my gun "Who are you?"

"Drew" he said shurgging "Kellermen. What about you?"

"Like i'm going to tell you. I'm not stupid" i lifted my gun again aiming between his eyes "What are you doing here?"

"Okay okay. geeze i was stealing there mail, but then i saw you guys out the front, then this guy following you into the maze okay. Sorry i'll leave now"

he started to leave but then i moved to blcok he exit "I don't think so...your coming with me"

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