I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [12]

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"Hey there Chopstick!" I called when we stepped off the jet, onto the tarmac at JKF. I ran into his arms for a big bear hug.

I heard something crack in his back, he laughed. "Wow your getting strong"

My feet came off the ground and he spun me around "Your doing okay for yourself" he put me down.

Chopstick, smiled and turned to greet the rest of the party. "Hey guys, oh... who's the newbie"

"I'll tell you later" I whispered.

He nodded, and winked "Hi there I'm Jack but you can call me Chopstick, everyone else certainly dose" he put out his hand, Ben looked at it then shook it. "I'm Ben, you can call me Ben... everyone else certainly dose"

Chopstick dropped his hand, clearly un-impressed. "You've got to be kidding me" he whispered to me.

"Oh, quiet seriously I'm not"

Garret came up behind Ben "Chopstick" he greeted "Nice to see you again, son"

"Dad" they hugged, not as dramatic as my hug, thought. Naww, sentimental! You couldn't mistake them for father and son the similarities were too much the same. Similar shades of blonde hair, dark blue eyes and slightly sun kissed skin. They both had the 'all-American' look, the kind would have seen back in the cold war when this place was advertised as the land of 'freedom'.

"Come on, were running behind schedule"

We divided our luggage and equipment up and separated into two black jeeps, it was like traveling around with a neon sing saying 'Top secret government assignment'.

I rode with Chopstick, Garret, Conner and Ben, a complete guy sandwich. The ride was so silent that I could have cut the tension with one of my knifes. Chopstick hummed YMCA while Conner kept watch of me out of the corner of his eyes.

"So, why do people call you Chopstick?" Ben asked, rubbing his hands together.

Chopstick and I exchanged glances, and smiled "Well that goes back a bit" he started "I think you were about ten?" he looked at me.

"Nine and a half" I corrected.

He punch me in the arm "Whatever toothpick!" I laughed, then punched him in the ribs, with as much force I could muster up. He gagged, smiled, then continued to gagged. Garret shook his head "You should by now son not to mess with Rylie."

"Yeah, I should" he put his arm around shoulders, the coddled me into a head lock. I struggled, his grip tightened then I gave up. "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted." I looked through my hair at Ben, staring at him on the side was giving me a headache.

"She was about nine and I was sixteen. It was her first counter mission, out target was the secretary to the Japanese consult after his attempted murder of the treasurer. We cornered him one night in an empty Japanese restaurant, this guy was so original 'Who are you?'" Chopstick imitated in a Japanese accent "Well, he wasn't alone, about three men come out from the kitchen, and they're carrying big arms. So naturally, we take care of the guards, use everything in our guns, and the secretary is getting away. So Rylie hide the body, while I kill the secretary with a pair of chopsticks. Quiet un-original, I like to think of myself as innovative"

"Interesting story" Garret says from the back of the car

Mmmh "Yeah..." I said, my eyes shifted between Chopstick and Ben "Innovative, except it was eight men, not three, you only said three because that's how many you took out"

"Yeah okay, Riles no need to overcompensate for yourself"

"Overcompensate? You killed someone with Chopsticks, I think all the overcompensating is coming from you!"

The car fell silent, something tugged on my shirt. "What's up?" I asked Conner

"Is he the guy that you used... you know" he whispered

"What?" I asked shocked "No!" the whole car heard, and looked at me, I blushed and I kept myself turned towards Conner. "No, that was Garret's other son. Jack? Seriously he's like 24"

"Oh okay, just wondering" he straightened up in his seat.

I nodded "Good to know where your at."

He gave a side long glance at Chopstick "Conner" I said straightly "He's gay"

"Oh okay...."

"Seriously?" Chopstick interjected "The Village People? Not a tip off?"

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