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Cowboys & Nightmares by Stewart352
Cowboys & Nightmaresby Stewart352
Having run away from a past she'd rather forget, Rylie Klintson lands herself a job as the first female worker on the McGrange Ranch. While the foreman seems to have his...
  • ranch
  • dune
  • romance
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My Dad is My Teacher // a.f.i by irwinxx5sos
My Dad is My Teacher // a.f.iby Lizzie xx
Rylie Jensen has grown up with it being just her and her mum. She's never known her dad, that is, until he shows up at her school as the new band director and chorus dir...
  • calum
  • michael
  • hood
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Red fire hair (wizardess heart) by Mal-snow
Red fire hair (wizardess heart)by ❄️ Mal ❄️
This story is about a girl with fire colour hair. She lives in a small village called Reisten and she got accepted to a magic academy! She is a wizard she think she is w...
  • wizardessheart
  • friendship
  • rylie
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SCHOOL HELL SECRETS (Edited ver) (COMPLETE) by JeanCrystals
SCHOOL HELL SECRETS (Edited ver) (...by MissIsPhilosopy
The complete version of this story is on booklat, bago po siya mapublish as book. Booklat: JeanCrystals Follow me and read again the SHS dahil madaming mababago doon❤ SC...
  • jeancrystals
  • teenfiction
  • wattys2019
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CUPID AND I  by dynamicduo00
CUPID AND I by Dynamic Duo
Friends are family and you can do anything for your family. So when Rylie Stevenson is fed up with her best friend pining over a playboy; she decides to take matters in...
  • boy
  • hate
  • badboy
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Miraculous Princess of China and the Wolf Miraculous (Completed) by Twinsislil
Miraculous Princess of China and t...by Lily Signal
{[*Disclaimer* this story does talk about killing, murder, death, blood and violence I try to keep it to a minimum but a couple chapters talk about it a little bit but i...
  • tigeret
  • marinette
  • adrien
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enemy's love by choishua
enemy's loveby choi.vercheol
characters : Vernon Wolf Anderson Skyla Rylie Jackson Rylie anak kelas 2 Sma yang terpaksa masuk ke sekolah elite dimana disitu banyak orang b...
  • rylie
  • teenfiction
  • vernon
Protecting the princess (Miraculous Ladybug fan fic) by Twinsislil
Protecting the princess (Miraculou...by Lily Signal
{[ (IFY) All mature themes in this book I actually do take seriously and wish that they aren't really real but if you don't like the way I write my stories then please d...
  • emerald
  • wattys2019
  • ladybug
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Rydel Lynch/The baby that changed everything by sweeteststorieshere
Rydel Lynch/The baby that changed...by Sweeteststorieshere
"Your a bitch" "Get out" "I raped her" "She has, she has a baby" "To Colorado" "Are we too late?"
  • ryland
  • rydellington
  • rocky
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I'm a Seventeen-year-old Assassin [ON HOLD] by BrittanyAnnRoberts
I'm a Seventeen-year-old Assassin...by Brittany
Rylie Carter is not your average 17 year old, she left home when she was just seven and has spent her life being trained and polished into the perfect killer. But it isn...
  • newyork
  • assassin
  • running
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The Volturi Princess and Prince  by thebrattyearl
The Volturi Princess and Prince by 💗Ciel💗
Jasper and Alice meet their mate
  • cauis
  • dimitri
  • athenodora
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Married to a Mafia Boss  by BlueLover1031
Married to a Mafia Boss by Trina Manzano
Mafia- An organized group using extortion and other criminal methods. A group of criminals to be in fact. Some call them a group of businesspeople who usually operate o...
  • shaun
  • rylie
  • romance
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This Should End Well (R5 Fanfic) by skittles8499
This Should End Well (R5 Fanfic)by Kali
Kylie Sapphire Adams is an average 17 year old. A teen that stays up late, has a messy room, spends WAY too much time on her computer and iPhone, and is obsessed with a...
  • determined
  • eleven
  • help
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Unexpected by DarkGray0809
Unexpectedby Gray
Hindi mo maiiwasang magpaka TANGA, yung aasa ka na sana may puwang ka din puso niya. Kailangan minsan mo narin isugal ang sarili mo, kahit alam mo na pwede kang manalo...
  • rylie
  • hanggang
  • love
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Killing me Softly (boyxboy) by Beatlemaniac18
Killing me Softly (boyxboy)by Beatlemaniac18
Rylie is not your regular pretty boy. Yes, he's wanted by oh-so-many girls, and is the envy of almost all of his classes. He's dramatic, explosive, flamboyant and loves...
  • flamboyant
  • luca
  • waffles
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Age Matters by onetastic_
Age Mattersby Amethyst
Age is just a number... Or is it?
  • romance
  • agematters
  • andrew
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Masked; Two Versions of a Single Tale by Soa_Soraya
Masked; Two Versions of a Single T...by Soa
"Masked; Two Versions of a Single Tale" takes the same basic story and tells it in two different ways. The first one marked by "Goddess Version" is...
  • masks
  • crane
  • experimental
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Rice Balls  by godhateszoe
Rice Balls by Wosh
Should I continue this? If I should leave a comment. I love seeing those.
  • original
  • originaluniverse
  • rylie
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Who Would've Thought? (A One Direction fanfiction) by InsaneForZayn
Who Would've Thought? (A One Direc...by natalie malik
Who would've thought that 3 girls who didn't know eachother would become the best of friends? Who would've thought they would get to go on tour with One Direction? Who w...
  • south
  • twitter
  • malik
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