I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [10]

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I always thought that I was more privileged than others kids my age. I mean how many people to do you know that are government trained assassins?...mmm, that’s what I thought. What I have is a privilege, to me and my country. I’m honored to do it, I just never thought my duties would involve babysitting. 

"New York?" I asked garret, during the debriefing. Connor sat on my right busily taking notes, his leg touching mine, and Ben sat on my left- our elbows touching. 

"Yes Rylie, for the international environment convention."  

I rolled my eyes "So why are we going there, I mean why can't we go to the targets house, or hotel room. I can dress up as a maid or room service..." 

"ha bet you'd like that" Ben said shooting a look, at Connor who blushed slightly. I couldn't help but notice the look in his eyes when they briefly met mine. 

"We aren't going to do anything, we're only going to survey there area before we take any action" 

All work and no play, the more I think about this the bigger mistake it seems to be. I hope we're doing the right thing.

* * *

there were to many people to fit into the helicopter, so we had to fly in the jet. Shame jetting across the country in a privet jet.  

I sat next to Connor, Naomi and Monique were next to each other and Ben sat by himself at the front. 

"So...Rylie I was wondering." I closed my book, and turned to look at him "when we got back to DC I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie or something." 

What the fuck? Connor asking me out? did I miss something. 

"Umm... Maybe, but I’m not really looking for anything right now, you know last time I went out with someone it didn't end so well" 

"You mean Cam? What really happened with that anyway?" his voice didn't show any tone. 

I didn't really want to say anything about it but he should know "Well we went out for about 3 months, we didn't do 'that' if your wondering" I paused "Then I was the night of the school dance" I may go to a school for assassins but we still do the normal things that any high school would- that includes formals. "We were dancing then he says he's going for a drink, only he doesn’t come back. So I go looking for him, ands I find him and Sara Catchier together in his bed-Naked! that was all I had to see. He got up to explain but I wasn't in the mood for explanations. I hit it, in the nose, but held back last minute so that I didn't kill him. I left, Sara screaming behind me. I went to my room, and the next morning I herd that he died...and so did she. I don’t know what happened no one dose. no one saw anything either, they're cold cases." 

"I'm sorry" 

"I'm almost not, if your angry with someone when they die then you don't miss them...maybe some other time-" 

“Rylie” Ben said walking up the plane to us “Can I speak with you?” he looked almost scared. 

I looked at him, then back to Connor, who look up the plane and nodded “I have to go and discuss tactics with Garret. Excuse me” I got up and started to move down the plane. 

I gestured for Ben to sit next to me, “Not here ” he said “Not where he can hear me.” he looked at Connor then back at me, I breathed in deep. Did it want to go with him? God only knows what could happen. 

I slowly stood up and started moving down the plane. “Make it quick” I said.  

He took me by the hand and lead me down to the back of the plane and around a corner to the toilets he opened the door. “Ladies first. ” I eyed him suspiciously, then stepped inside.  

“Rylie I have to ask” he began “Are they going to kill, them or not, Because if they don’t then they’ll come after me” 

“I don‘t know ” I said. 

He nodded “No tell me this, why did you turn down Connor? You know he likes you and you know you like him?” 

“What? I don‘t like him” 

“Then you like me” 

“What?.” I said startled. 

“I knew it” he said knowingly, then the next thing I knew we were kissing.

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