I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [8]

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"What? Benjamin Harbor. Jesus, everyone’s someone else. Tell me now, is your name really Billy? Did you grow up in Rhode Island on a sheep farm?"

"What? No! You know everything about me"

"Portland, Oregon?"

Connor nodded.

"So what's this?" I said my voice rising in pitch.

"Well it says that his father witnessed a weapons developer for the army making some sort of deal for this big shot Chinese tycoon. They got pinged with life sentences. So anyway, while this Ying was in the Yang, his sister is murdered one night. So the feds puts them into the W.R.P"-Witness re-location program-"As Sue and Paul Kellermen, of Little Rock, with the son Drew, so everything’s quiet for about five months until the family is killed in a car accident. Mother 41, father, 44 and son, 16..."

"So Drew's..." I couldn't finish.

I looked at Connor "Ben..." he corrected "Is suppose to be in the ground"

* * *

I didn't bother with knocking, I let myself into Garrets office "You will never believe what I found out" I said as soon as I'd entered, Garret gestured for me t sit without another word. I did, watching him as he finished scribbling on a piece of paper.

He put his pen down and looked up, I had never noticed the creased around his eyes, only now when he smiled. I had stared at his face so much; I had memorized it- down to the last wrinkle. His gray-nearly white hair, glasses that he only wore, for reading or work. His hard face, stern expression that dissolved when he smiled- which wasn't always.

The door opened, Garret stood and regarded the person who sat down next to me "Ah Ben, just in time..."

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