I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [1]

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The alarm first sounded, as I made the kill.

A middle eastern man, exporting weapons, to China.

He was an easy enough target, sleeping alone in his bed. but the security was a minefield. I don't know where I slipped up.

Jumping from the window, I met Connor and Naomi by the north east wall. Both wearing identical skintight lycra suites and both wearing masks of confusion.

"What happened?" Connor asked, as we scaled the wall.

"I don't know." I said reaching the top before both of them. “I didn‘t do anything wrong” I growled

"Did you at least make the kill?" said Naomi.

I nodded. jumping over the other side of the wall. I turned to run, but stop dead in my tracks.

four, no, five men stood in front of us. All dark skinned, all built like brick houses. This should be a fun work out. One of the men, closest to me, was looking at me up and down. He was studying his appearance.

"Kill" Connor whispered, so low that the men couldn't hear "Or detain"

"You heard what Garret said 'No one stays alive'"

It was more a tagline, then a simple input to conversation. It was almost our schools motto 'No one stays alive'

Running, foreword, I struck out at the first man. He went down, he wasn't dead, but I didn't have time because there was already another man coming at me. I dodged his blow, then hit him in the head. Moving around the back of him. I twisted his neck with my hands. It broke, with a sharp crack.

I turned to go back for the other guy, but Naomi pulled me away "Come on we have to get out of here"

"What about the bodies?"

“Leave them” I said

“What if someone ID us?”

"Unlikely. No one would suspect three teenagers anyway"

We started running along the deserted dirt road heading back to the college.

Why didn't I kill the man. He saw me, he saw my face. He'll surely ID me. Man, I’m so screwed.

Why didn't I kill him? Why did I hesitate?

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