I'm a Seventeen-year old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [13]

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Garret pulled me aside once we had pulled up to the hotel "While we're here don't do anything...rash, we need everything to go smoothly and we cant have you running about killing everyone you think is a threat"

I nodded, tightening my belt about my waist, the hilt of blade shone and caught Garret's eye. "I understand."

"Good, I need you compliance" he held out his hand.

After a few moments, I finally complied I handed him my blade. My favorite weapon, my life.

"You will be issued with a standard gun, for measures."

My hip felt empty and I felt exposed "Am I to assume that, everyone will be taking these 'measures'? "

"Of course" Garret said picking up his bag and moving on inside the hotel.

We were checked into the first floor, using the rooms for surveillance and equipment set up. Benjamin, was checked into a room on the second floor under the name, Fernando Gonzalez. And as further punishment it was my job to look after him. I seemed that room service and cable was the day that I was in for.

I took my boots off and un-clipped my belt tossing it over the couch. Ben unclipped his belt too, and his pants dropped and inch on his hips.

"What are you doing?" I asked, scanning the room, taking in the position of the windows and doors.

"Well, I'll let you take my pants off...If you want"

"Yeah, Ben that's what I want!" I rolled my eyes, setting up the laptop on the tea-table. He slid his arms around my waist and pulled me into towards him. He kissed me on the neck, then spun me around to kiss me on the lips. I pulled out a second blade that I had for emergencies, I stopped him in time.

The blade to his cheek, eyes wide. "Can I help you" he asked.

"I told you to watch out for me."

"We can continue this foreplay into the bedroom if you want to" I flicked the blade of his cheek, its left a thin cut across his cheek.

He scowled and pushed me away. "What is your problem" he growled, wiping the blood off his cheek.

"What? Oh, if you want we 'can' take this to the bedroom"

He stumbled to the kitchen for a napkin to wipe the blood mumbling "Crazy Bitch" as he went.

The door opened and Connor came in, "Hey there, babysitter"

"Shut up Con, I'll cut you!" I laughed pointing the knife at him.

He smiled then took the knife off me, replacing it with a standard gun. "What am I, a kid?"

He shrugged "There just the proceedings"

I rolled my eyes and stuffed if behind my back, "Don't leave me alone with him," I whispered.

"Oh come on, what couldn possibly happen?"

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