I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [4]

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Maybe taking Drew back to the college with us, wasn't such a good idea.

"So what are you, Men in black?" I shot him a look in the re-view mirror.

"...or Women in black?" he laughed nervously.

"We...Work with the government"

"But your like my age?" Jesus, it gonna take some serious restraint to keep me from killing him before we actually get through the college gates.

"Yes. But we work for the government."


I rolled my eyes. "I still don't why you bought" whispered Connor.

"I don't kill anything I’m not suppose to"

"Lucky you bagged Phil huh? Back in Garret good graces"

"I don't think I’m there yet" I said stealing another look at Drew in the re-view.

Were coming up on the College gates now.

"Even Tony" I said at the gate.

“You bag Joe doe?" he asked. Great! looks like my mistake wasn't as on the down low as I had hoped. Even Tony- the gate man- knew.

I nodded "Just open the gate."

Driving up the driveway of the college I heard Drew gasp "Whoa, Check this place out! You live hear?"

"Sort of" Monique said sliding out of the car once we were in the garage.

Directing Drew through the halls, it was hard to keep him under wraps. People were staring to much and whispering.

out the front of Garret's office I started to wonder, What the hell was I doing, I thought.

I turned to Drew "Listen, You don't belong here, you aren't one of us, so keep your mouth shut! got it? or else I'll put a bullet in your brain" I hissed.

For some reason it looked like Drew was protecting...down there. huh, I enjoyed watching them squirm.

I pushed opens the doors of Garrets office and walked in.

"Miss Carter, a pleasure always. I trust you are return with good new-"he stopped talking as soon as he saw Drew.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea...

"What's he doing here?"

"This is Drew, he witnessed me bagging Phil" wait...why did I bring him in the first place, shit what was I going to say. what was I thinking I didn't want him to come, i should have killed him.

"Interesting...where was he when all of this was happening"

"I was in the bushes" Drew blurted out.

"Interesting" Garret repeated ."Alana!” he called out, she entered the room.

"Take Mr. ..."

"Kellerman" Drew said.

"Get him a room, and a class schedule"


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