I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [25]

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Is it love when your deeply infatuated with someone?

Or is that lust?

I don't know, but the electricity that shocked me at Connors touched has to mean something right?

We trekked through the alley behind the hotel, if the heels and the string that violated my ass wasn't enough then the overwhelming smell of the trash cans as we approached the back entrance was defiantly enough. The several different dumpsters than surrounded the area were easy enough to hide behind. But as the back light suddenly came on I found myself pulled directly into the light.

The back door swung open, and I was swung into Connor's arms. Before his lips came into contact with mine once again, I swear he said something along the lines of "Just like we practiced" which didn't write a bell with me. But the gasp from whoever had exited the building rang a bell. I was suddenly aware of what was happening.

I pushed myself away from Connor, "Get away from me" I said swinging my hand out, it collided with his cheek, I tried to make it as feminine as possible but my skill didn't allow me to pull back and he nearly toppled over with shock. I turned to face the person, who was holding a large bucket of something that smelt fishy. I started to walk towards the back door, my flushed expression and my poor ability to walk in heels masked my acting. I heard Connor come after me "Women" he said, before come through the door. I turned around as soon as he was inside "Next time, tell me" I said, wanting to hit him again but flighted the urge.

"There will be a next time" he sounded pleased but tried hard to keep his strong suite. "I couldn't tell you, it was from dramatic effect"

"I thought we were trying to be low key"

He shrugged, took my hand and pulled me away as we both herd the fishy-person returning, we weaved our way through the kitchen, I swiped an open bottle of Champagne and raised it to my lips, Connor pulled it away before I could take a swig and I looked at him disappointed. Either the kitchen staff was too busy or we just blended in as a couple of drunken trust-fund brats. I started to laugh, for dramatic effect or to see if anyone to major notice to us, but the kitchen staff remained ignorant.

As we came to the double doors, I slowed my laughter and took a peek out; I could see many government officials, agents, Monique-bitch-Naomi and even Chop-stick. Garret was nowhere in sight but I knew that he was there, probably dressed in one of many Penguin suite, he never missed a chance to dress in Hugo Boss and I knew he wouldn't be in the sturdy pant suits that everyone else was wearing, and the chance that he was packing was likely.

I felt Connors kiss to my shoulder again "You ready?" he asked, I nodded, for the first time in my life, I felt the slightest amount of fear.

But what fear?

Fear of getting caught, maybe.

Fear of dying...nope.

Fear of losing Connor? ......



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