I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [15]

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When a person is shot in the head, the bullet breaks through the membrane destorying most vital cortexs, they die instantly.

But nothing happened.

I pulled the trigger again.

Again nothing.

I cocked the hammer, and pulled the trigger again. Still Nothing.

This gun didn't work, it was a fake.

Oh well, it may not work but it can still it to do damage. I flipped the gun over gripping the slide tightly I struck him in the cheek with the grip. He ducked, turned around and punched me in the ribs. I gasped, slumped over. He grabbed me by the shoulders, and pushed me into the pantry handels. They dug into my back, pain pushing past my spine, flowing through my body.

He pressed his body against mine and hissed into my ear "You don't know shit" he pulled his face back before kissing me on the lips his tongue pushsing its way nto my mouth.

I used the gun again to hit him on the back of the neck. he stumbled back, I kicked im square in the chest. He toppled over the sink, I pushed is head into the tap, he fell into the ground. I pounced ontop of him and started continuously punching him. One for his stomach for for his head, one for his stomach for for his head.

Connors voice pulled me out of the punching frenzy "I think he unconious Ryles"

"Not quiet" I said, landing a final blow to his nose, it broke. I stood up from his body, "Now he is"

"I heard everything, come one, we have to tell Garret"

I nodded, started to follow, but turned last minute. I kicked him one last time braking a rib. I smiled "YOU don't know shit!" I said.

The halls were slient,the ubeat elevator music left 'Wham' in my head. "Ugh, the walls are giving me a headache!"

"Really?" Connor Promted "They say taupe is really soothing" Connor handed me back my knife, "You'll be needing this!"

The room was empty, the survallence equipment gone, as well as other arms that could have been useful.

"Where is everybody?" I asked

Connor looked as shocked as I "I don't know they were hear settting up when I left."

I left the room, taking the stairs down to the lobby, but I got lost somewhere between the elevators and reception and found myself in the parking lot out the back. The only car was a mini van, that shouldn't have been there. We weren't allowing any vehicals into this parking space. Only the designated area, and only after they've been completely searched.

Conner pulls out a gun, that was tucked behind his jacket.

I frown "Where was that 10 minutes ago?"

He shrugged "Sorry, didn't have much time to pull it out, I did take on four of the men"

I rolled my eyes "Whatever, lets check out the car" the minivan, was already unlocked. The trunk was full of maps of America and Canada, with all the major highways highlighted.

I was going through a list of out-of-the-way motels when Connor called me to the front of the car.

The glove comparment was open and number of documents were spread across the drivers seat. Amongst the documents were a number of different passports, a reciet for renting the car and serveral drivers lienceses for different states. That wasn't the weird part, the weird part was that everything was in my name!

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