Chapter Thirty One- Opening My Ears After A Long Time

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Don't let your emotions outweigh your intelligence...

Chapter Thirty One- Opening My Ears After A Long Time

"B-but Trent..." He tightened his grip on my hand.

"Rach, please. I almost died two years waiting for you to come back but you never did. Just please give me one more chance. I promise I won't waste it this time." He pleaded. It was so damn hard to say no.

"You better don't waste this chance. So, yes." I muttered with a slight smile.

He kissed my cheeks in joyfulness.

"I promise I won't. Yes!" He fist bumped the air making me let out a silent chuckle.

The waiter came with our orders.

"Spaghetti with meat balls and fried shrimp." I mumbled grinning like a kid.

"That's one of your favorites before." He spoke.

"Until now." I bit my lip and took a bite of my fried shrimp. "Thanks T."

"No, I thank you. I'm so happy you said yes."

Suddenly, my phone rang. I closed my eyes before looking at the screen hoping it wasn't Ethan.

Oh what a luck. It was him.

"Hello?" I answered nervously.

"I've been searching for you since I woke up this morning and searched every single freaking part of this damn huge house just to find any signs of you! Now, tell me, where the heck are you at?!" Geez. That is what i'm afraid of.

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