Chapter Twenty Nine- A Date With Mr. Unexpected

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Ladies: A real man won't send you mixed signals because a real man always knows what he wants.

Chapter Twenty Nine- A Date With Mr. Unexpected

I got home feeling extremely exhausted from the shoot.

Faith was already at our house when I arrived. She's almost like living with us at home if you ask me. She's really fun to be with.

She pulled me into a bone crashing hug when she saw me.

"Rachelle! You're finally home. Now, tell us!" She mumbled with full excitement in her voice. Ethan was sitting beside her.

"Huh? What's that?" Ethan asked. Geez. Faith and her big mouth! Should I tell that to Ethan?

"Hmm... Faith, I think we can talk about that in private. You know, girl talk?" I flashed her my you-know-what-I-mean look.

"Excuse me? What is that you're hiding from me Rachy?" Ethan stared at me inquiringly. I don't know what to say.

"Rachelle. You may go and tell Ethan. He knows everything anyway. I mean, almost... That is if you're going to tell him. But I suggest that you do. So... Please?" Faith made that famous puss in boots look again. Ugh.

"Okay, okay. You guys won." Of course I couldn't say no to her.

"Greaaaaat! Now, shoot!" She squealed. I sighed.

"Okay." I looked at Ethan. "Do you remember the last time I talked to you before the accident happened?"

"That, yes."

"I'm walking at the park, looking for Trent. I saw him from a far with someone beside him. Then I saw him kissing with Sarah. I ran away to get inside the car and I quickly stormed away. You called and I answered the phone. I was crying and I didn't stay focused on the road. Suddenly, a large truck almost hit me so I turned left then hit a tree." I summarized. I saw Ethan clenched his jaw.

"Where's that asshole?!" He quickly stood up.

"Geez Ethan. Calm down." I held his hand. "Let me finish my story. Okay?" He nodded hesitantly but did what I said.

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