Chapter Eleven- Beginning Of The Best Summer

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Sometimes, people who say they don't care, usually care the most.

Chapter Eleven- Beginning Of The Best Summer

I'm glad that Ethan didn't have to get any detention because of what he happened with Kyle or else i'll blame myself for it.

Kyle kept on apologizing for several more weeks. I tried to ignore him but he never stopped. He told me once that he will do everything for me just to accept his apology and start all over again. I don't want to be harsh on him so I told him that I am now accepting his apology but he can never earn my trust back. The damage has been already done and we can't turn back time right?

Chelsey's company stopped from doing pranks to gag me as well. Some of her guy friends tried to ask me out but I never said yes. Why would I? She and her bitchy friends remained insecure but I don't care. Besides, we are not born to please anyone so I decided to put all of my attetion to my studies. I placed first in the sophomore ranking. Aunt and Ray are so proud of me. How I wish that mom and dad was also there. I'm sure that they will also be proud if they knew it.

On the other hand, Ethan and Faith's relationship became official. Yes, yes. They are finally together and I am the happiest bestfriend and sister for the two of them. My sophomore year ended with lots of changes that happened in a good way.

Summer vacation began and I planned nothing. I don't actually know if the Danes' have plans. Aunt and Ray are usually out of the country doing some business. We haven't talked to them about spending summer somewhere yet. Being with Ethan and Faith the whole summer is cool would be okay for me anyway. 

It's a lazy day and Faith visited me and Ethan at our place. We were playing scarbble when Ray and Aunt got home.

"Hey kids. Good afternoon." Aunt and Ray greeted in unison. Ethan, Faith and I stood up to hug them.

"Rachelle. I want to tell you something... I don't know if this is a good news for you or what." Ray began.

"What is it?" He put his hand on my shoulders.

"We have a new business property that I have to look after the whole summer." Do I need to know this? I don't even care about their business. I mean, i'm still studying. Why does he have to tell me this?

"Umm.. If you are worrying about me getting bored the whole summer because we don't have to time to spend it somewhere, it's okay with me. I'll never get bored with Ethan and Faith's companion. I promise. And i'm also contented with our swimming pool here in the house." He chuckled.

"No, that's not what I mean. It just so happened that the location of the property is located at Carlisle, Cumbria in United Kingdom." What? My mouth gaped open when I heard the place.

"Yes, Darling. It was actually offered to us long time ago even before you got here. Our business partners also wants us to grab the offer so we finally decided to negotiate with the CEO's." Aunt Jeni stated. Oh, that explains it all.

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