Chapter Fifteen- A Day To Remember

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If only you could delete feelings the same way you delete text messages.

Chapter Fifteen- A Day To Remember

My mind was wobbling with absorption of events that happened this night.

I've exceeded my actions through my limitation line and this is all my fault.

I almost had sex with Karl the jerk who was Sarah's right hand boy during my freshman year to the first two sophomore months of school that made my life miserable. I forgot what my real aim is because of that stupid alcohol that he gave me. Good thing Trent saw us and he saved me.

My entire body weakened realizing that I just kissed Trent. I know that was so wrong. But why does it felt so right?

I know i'm drunk but after he saved me, the effect of the alcohol vanished though my head is aching. That kiss, it was so hard to believe. But it's true and that was the only kiss I wish to last longer. It's quick but the effect is very magical or something that I can't even explain.

I slowly ambled back to the sofa touching my lips. I'm not able to think straight. The liquor effect abandoned my head leaving me awake but dumb founded on my own.

How can I talk to him? How can I resume my plan?

I hope everything will get better tomorrow. But I know, I can't pretend being a stranger for life.

My head hurts like hell the next morning I woke due to lack of sleep. I'm lucky that I don't need to cook food for myself.

Going back to reality, now, everything became even more complicated. I can't even comprehend some of my own thoughts.

I know i'm currently pretending as someone i'm not but we all know that I can't keep this forever. He has to know. But we all know that he'll be mad at me when he discovered that he just kissed her used-to-be sister. That would be extremely awkward.

I need to take mom and dad for a dinner later after their work and tell them that i'm not ready to see Trent yet.

I did my usual daily habits of exercising, slept for extra hours and watch movies. When dinner time came, Mom and Dad arrived at the fine dining restaurant just by their selves.

"Hello Rachelle." Dad waved and mom smiled.

"Hi dad, hi mom." I kissed their cheeks.

"So, do you plan on inviting Trent?" Oh no. It's mom.

"Uhm. Mom let's order our meals first then I have to tell you something important." I shakily uttered.

When we're done ordering our foods, dad started the talking.

"So, Rachelle, what's that so important thing about?" I'm getting more nervous.

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