Chapter Seventeen- My Trust

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It's hard to forget someone that gave you so much to remember.

Chapter Seventeen- My Trust

‎-Trent's POV-

Why isn't she texting me since yesterday?

I called and texted her several times but I failed to get an answer.

What's wrong?

I went to the hotel but she's not there. I don't know where did she go. The hotel service said she just left twenty minutes ago.

I have no idea why is she avoiding me. Did I do something wrong? Damn. I can't take another day without seeing her.

For some unknown reason, I drove to the Music House. That's the same thing I did when Rachelle left. Music is my only escape to sadness.

Mrs. Lewis is talking to someone when I get there so she just waved her hands to say hi.

I slowly strolled up to the second floor. There's a familiar piece playing from the piano. That was my favorite indeed. I wonder who's playing it.

Every move I take leads me closer and closer to the sound. When I took the last stair step, my eyes wandered around the place and I saw an image of a girl playing on the piano from a far. I can hear her sobbing.

I stepped thrice nearer and I recognized her. I closed my eyes. Why is she crying?

Then it flashed back on my mind.

Every memory.

Every question i'm asking my self.

Her eyes.

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