The Criminal's Love by deep_side_love
The Criminal's Loveby deep_side_love
This is not a arranged marriage. Because a arranged marriage is when the third party decides something for you, sometimes you accept with your own will and sometimes not...
  • drama
  • mystery
  • humor
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Submission by korielyn
Submissionby korielyn
Highest ranking #1 as on 4th July 2017 "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not...
  • triggers
  • mystery
  • anxiety
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my mom's P.A ~ manan ff by ur_kiri
my mom's P.A ~ manan ffby ur_kiri
A house is beautiful decorated for a wedding but the bride ran away and the groom has to marry his mother's P.A what will happen when he will get to know that he has ma...
  • fab5
  • dosti
  • pyar
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Bloody Painter X Reader by LifelessRose
Bloody Painter X Readerby EmptyGal101
You are an 18 year old who is leaving your abusive family, going to college. You will meet friends and enemies along the way with the exception of Bloody Painter. He is...
  • jeff
  • adventure
  • dating
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Teachers Pet by meow1007
Teachers Petby Stranger
Seaside High school famouse for there young male teachers. Their all fresh out if college ranging from 21-30 years old. Each year one lucky girl goes out with one of the...
  • school
  • teen
  • teenfiction
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Love, Hate Destiny and Fate. by Purple_Dragon02
Love, Hate Destiny and Purple_Dragon02
Ben, son of the former King Beast and Queen Belle. The current king of Auradon. Mal, daughter of the mistress of all evil, Maleficent Two polar opposites. Born and rais...
  • drama
  • benandmal
  • bal
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My Brother's Best Friend.  by robiaustin1
My Brother's Best Friend. by Robi Austin
I wake up remembering nothing from last night, I rub my eyes and take in my surroundings. 'Where am I? I'm not in my room..' I go to move but there is a arm around me...
  • babies
  • turns
  • teenagers
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Perfect Blood by Cam_Writer
Perfect Bloodby ☻Writer☻
I open the doors to my new school. Eager yet bored, since this has happened so many times in my life. Im so done with having to change schools. As i walk in, i find my l...
  • teen
  • twists
  • hot
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Submitting by korielyn
Submittingby korielyn
"I never chose the life I had back then. Never asked for it But now all that I have, I have earned. Maybe not by the right means but they are mine all the same. &qu...
  • submitting
  • dark
  • domination
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Rejected BoyxBoy by Nessa_babe
Rejected BoyxBoyby Nessa
Gabriel used to live a fabulous life. Loving family, friends and a bright future ahead of himself. That was until, he didn't change. What happens when Gabriel runs away...
  • love
  • boyxboy
  • hate
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3AM Lonely Talks// BOOK 2 by -lushmoon
3AM Lonely Talks// BOOK 2by - ̀,🍾 ̖́-
"Did you really ever think of me?" "Yes" "Liar"
  • book2
  • heartbreak
  • sad
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Love Villa  by k00kieismine
Love Villa by Kookieee
Y/n comes into the villa and immediately catches the eyes from the boys. But who catches her eye? And will she actually find love? Read and find out. **its literally...
  • drama
  • loveisland
  • love
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Letters to Cupid by kalaaaaaii
Letters to Cupidby “Kiara Rose”
[Highest Ranking #3 in Eros #15 in Cupid] Axelia Kane is a seventeen year old girl who lives with her dad, has a part time job as a waitress and goes to school. There i...
  • demigoddess
  • greekmythology
  • greekgodsandgoddesses
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Making Her Smile (Complete)✔  by 37SpreadYourwings
Making Her Smile (Complete)✔ by Cashew❤
[Book 1 in sandhir trilogy] After that unfortunate accident in dream team competition. Sandhir broke up and randhir decided to leave love of his life Sanyukta and everyt...
  • regret
  • billionaire
  • repentance
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Their Secret by EloraBlack
Their Secretby Elora Black
Sequel to Billionaire's Secret Alex and Ashton are thrown a curveball can their relationship stand the test of Ashton's past and Alex's future?
  • protective
  • dark
  • billionaire
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True Loves Kiss: Kyle X Reader by hayl71
True Loves Kiss: Kyle X Readerby Hayl
Plot: Your character (Y/N) moves to the South Park after your parents get jobs there on your first day you meet a group of boys and immediately become friends with them...
  • fantasy
  • love
  • kylexreader
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Uncontrollable mate by uniquegirl2002
Uncontrollable mateby L.E.T
When a run away, Alex is on the run from her pack and is trespassing through another pack territories, who happen to be the most dangerous pack in the Uk. She will find...
  • twists
  • enjoy
  • werewolf
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The pregnant maid by rosamarie67
The pregnant maidby rosamarie67
22 year old Alaina was always the responsible, loving and caring one in her whole family. Her sister, Janet, was the total opposite and wanted nothing to do with her fa...
  • twists
  • possessive
  • maidxboss
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