Chapter Three- Dealing With A New Family

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It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go, but i'm doing it.

Chapter Three- Dealing With A New Family

It's already been a week and a half since I got to New York. Days seemed to be so fast.

But whenever thoughts about Trent, mom and dad lingers on my mind, every minute seemed to be as long as an hour. Everything slowed down. I can't help but frown and even start crying sometimes.

I miss them so much. I wonder if I ever cross their minds.

I was snapped back out of my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door. It was Aunt Jeniffer.

"Hey sweety. How are you?" She asked with a smile.

"Err, i'm... I'm fine." I answered but sounding a bit unsure.

"Are you sure? Coz I don't think you look like one. Hmm. Let me guess, you already miss the Sparks, am I right?" I replied with just a nod. She seemed to understand me because she hugged me as she draw circles on my back with her warm hands.

"I'm sorry Aunt. I just can't hide it. I, I missed them. Specially Trent although he's not talking to me since like about month or two even before I got here." That's where salty water started streaming down my face.

"I completely understand sweety. You can express your thoughts with me. If you want? It's just that, I don't want to see you feeling so bad. I just want to do my role as your Aunt." She muttered in a concerned tone. Since I felt comfortable with Aunt, maybe because she's my aunt, I decided to open it up to her.  

I told her everything about me and the Sparks. Even those problems about me and Trent and issues about people making a big issue about how I look with my body. I think she understood everything. Oh, thank God for giving me a Aunt Jeniffer.  

"Okay. So now it's clearer to me." She said after I told everything to her. "You're beautiful Rachelle. Always remember that." Oh c'mon. I know that she only said that because she is my Aunt.

"Oh Aunt Jeni. Please stop kidding me.." I spoke in a low voice, loosing my self esteem. My mind was saying that HELLO? How can someone think that your beautiful if everyone stares at you like a complete no one? And please, take note of the fact that people thinks you're fat with that size!

"Don't you trust me Rachelle? For me you're beautiful. I'm not only saying this because I am your aunt but because it's true." She stated giving that as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

"I believe you. Yes I do. But auntie, not everyone has the same way of thinking as you do. You may find me beautiful or whatever but others see me as a fat nerd." I replied in a cracking voice. That stopped her. See? I was right.

"Okay. But, not everyone also thinks that way. You should always take note of that. You should now start moving on darlin'. Carlisle is seven hours away from here with a plane. Those old mates of yours are way too far for you to keep in mind. You'll be entering your new school in two days. You should start preparing for it. Cheer up." She's such a nice woman.

"Okay. But, can I ask how is the papers with regards to my name goin?"

"Oh that. Well, my lawyer is currently working on the affidavit. The Sparks changed only your last name with theirs when you were only two months old. They have your parents approval before they died because they are really close with them and your parents entrusted you to them. The usual process takes a long time. But don't you worry. I have lots of connections to make the process move faster." She ensured. I nodded in content.  

We went downstairs to have our dinner. Ethan, his son who is my only cousin was already sitting comfortably on his place and aunt's husband in the person of Mr. Ray Danes was also there. Uncle Ray greeted me with a smile.  

"Good evening Rachelle. You make take your seat now. Dinner's ready." I smiled back as I took my seat.

"Thanks uncle." Ethan looked at me after I answered.

"Did you..Cried?" He asked.

"Yes yes. But you don't need to ask her why son." Aunt answered for me.  

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