Chapter Nine- The Lady In Red

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The things that break you are things that make you strong.

Chapter Nine- The Lady In Red

I felt like i'm going to melt on the spot when I got out of the car for several eyes were darted upon me.

"Be brave. I'm here." Ethan whispered. I tried my best to ignore all the glares around me. It's the only thing that I can do.

Ethan acted cool the whole day even though I know that he was avoiding Kyle. I'm thankful about it. I didn't want to witness a bloody fight between the two of them.

"Well, i'm not surprised to see you not talking to me today, buddy." Kyle said to him. He remained silent. "What now? You're going to avoid me the whole year? Stop being a kiddo dude." He sighed. I tensed.

Oh no.

"No, were cool bro." He smiled to him. Man, what a relief.  That was close! I'm glad he practices self control.

The day went slow for me. Every class felt like three hours or more. I really can't focus well. I almost jumped in joy when the last class ended.

Faith appeared out of the blue when Ethan and I were walking towards the hallway exit.


"Hey Faith."

"You ready?" Oh yeah, if she only knew how much i'm wishing for all of my classes to end.

"Yes. So much ready." Ethan cocked his head to the other side.

"I'll be going now, you guys have fun." He kissed my head. "Text me when you're done Rachy. Take care." And he walked to his car. I love the way how Ethan cares for me. He makes me feel comfortable and protected.

"He acts like a real brother to you, does he?" Faith asked when she started her car.

"Yeah. He's so nice to have as a brother." I turned on the stereo and was surprised to hear a 1D song. I sang a long. "So, get out, get out, get out of my head, and fall in to my arms instead!" Faith laughed.

"You look cute when you sing Rachelle." I laughed.

We kept on chatting and giggling on our way.

As we arrived at their fitness gym, Faith and I were greeted by a fit and tall lady. She has a good posture and got a serious looking face. I assumed she was Andy, Faith's trainer and the one she was talking about last Saturday.

"Hello Ms. Faith Anderson."

"Hi Andy, this is Rachelle. She's the one." Andy looked at me and nodded.

"Hi." I muttered softly.

"Hello. I think you'll need a good training, but we'll start with the basics." Her voice sounded a little too deep for a woman.

"Okay let's get it onn!" Faith exclaimed excitedly.

"First we have to get all your measurements." She started measuring and scaling my body. I feel nervous every time I step on a weighing scale. "Your Body Mass Index is twenty-seven point four. It falls under overweight category based on your height and age. The normal BMI for your age ranges from seventeen-point-seven to twenty-three point one. You weigh seventy-six kilograms. The ideal weight should only be fifty to sixty-four." She put her paper and pen down.

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