Chapter Thirty Four- Just For Her

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Every girl deserves a guy who can make her forget that her heart was ever broken.

Chapter Thirty Four- Just For Her

-Trent's POV-

"Damn. Our boss was right. This girl's beautiful." The ugly bald guy said.

 "What are we going to do with them now?" The one with the grumpiest voice spoke.

"Let's just wait for our boss." The one who rarely speaks said.

We were both tied up in a corner of an abandoned warehouse. Who's totally cliched idea was this?

I groaned and wobbled. Shit. I really can't move. My hands are tied and my mouth was covered. So as Rach.

"Don't try escaping kiddo. There's no use." The bald spoke again.

"Rocky, our boss is here." The grumpy voiced told the bald. Ha, so Rocky is his name. It suits him.

"Rachelle, Rachelle, Rachelle." A guy appeared. Have I seen him before?

I turned at Rachelle, her eyes were wide in deep horror.

"Remove her mouth cover." He commanded and they removed it in a snap making my girlfriend scowl.

The guy cocked his head to my direction telling the three other boys to remove mine too. Man, that hurts.

"Jason what the hell are you thinking? I thought you were my friend?" Rachelle blurted.

"Yes, my darling. I am. Soon to be more than that after I get rid of this guy beside you." Huh?!

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