Chapter Two - Trent And His Thoughts

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I realize that we are just that, an irreplaceable memory.


Chapter Two - Trent And His Thoughts

-Trent's P.O.V.-

She's now gone. I wonder how will her life be in New York. Will she be happy and have friends there? Will she like it there? I hate it when thoughts about her lingers on my mind.

The truth is, I want to... Stop her from leaving although I discovered that she is not my sister. I don't really care whether we're related or not. I love Rachelle. We grew up together like no one can separate us. I've known her for so long.

I felt so rude and mean with what I said to her on that night after the first day of school. I'm just afraid of what Sarah and the guys can do to her if they found out that she is my sister and that we're very close to each other.


I was walking near the football field when I saw a group of guys heading towards my direction.

"Hey kiddo! You must be a new student here, are you?" The tallest guy asked. It looks like these guys and I are of the same age for most of them has the same height as I do.

"Yes. I am a new student here. I am Trent Sparks." I smiled.

"Ohh by the way, i'm Karl Evans." He shook his hands with mine. "This is John Benz." He looked at the brown haired guy beside him. "And this is Dan Edwards." He pointed another tanned muscular guy.

"Nice to meet you guys." I said.

"So can I take a peek at your schedule? If you don't mind?" Karl asked and I handed him over my schedule after I nodded. "I see, we have a lot of classes together. Do you wanna join us? I'd also like you to meet our girls." He asked. I don't feel like going with them that much but as a new student, I can't be picky and I have no choice.

"Uhhh, eh... Sure." I mumbled under my breath.

"Then it's settled. You can now join our group. We'll show you around later." He smiled as he patted my back.

We entered our first class together, ten minutes earlier.

"Are we waiting for someone?" I asked Karl.

"Yup. But actually, there's three of them. Haha. Just wait a little bit more and you'll see the hottest girls in this school." He said cocking his head.

After a minute or two, three girls came barging in.

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