Chapter Thirteen- Playing With The Players

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A smile can hide so much.. Fear, pain, sadness, tears.. But then again, they all reflect on one thing. Strength.

Chapter Twelve- Playing With The Players

He still didn't recognize me.

Did I really changed that much? He gave me his number and it's still the same number I know by heart. Thank heavens he don't have his phone or else I have to give him my same old number. I'm not sure if he can still recall the digits though. But I have to buy a new phone tomorrow to make sure.

I've heard so much about his feelings towards the old me and why did he became like that to me. He looks like a complete player now. But I cannot lie, he looks better than before. His ocean blue eyes are so hypnotizing, his body is so amazing, he really loves working out. And his dark brown hair looks so sexy even wet. Even i'm having cramps, my whole body tensed more with his touch. That was so electrifying. Holy cat! What am I saying? He's my used-to-be brother. I can't look at him as a hot guy crush to fall for. That'll sound so weird.

I'll remind myself next time to never go swimming at late night even the pool is open for twenty four hours. Specially when your alone.

What happened earlier was a great coincidence. Who would've thought that i'll see him two times this day accidentally? Or... Was it destiny? Eww. Cut it off. That sounds too cheeky.

I told mom that i'll be visiting tomorrow. But I had a change of plans. As of now, Trent can't see me in the house. He doesn't know that it's me yet. I know he'll be mad if he finds out. But for now, my only plan is to know more about what happened in Carlisle High. I'm intrigued.

I texted mom to say that I can't make it tomorrow. Maybe some other time. Besides, I know how busy they are for work. I'll just meet them outside after their work. Maybe I can invite mom and dad for a dinner without Trent. Yeah, that would be okay.

I changed into my sleepwear and blow dried my hair before I sleep. I realized that I don't need to wear contacts for him not to recognize me.

The next morning, I decided to have a good morning jog. It was a bit early so I settled on my racer-back top that is worn under my jacket and jogging pants. I called the driver to take me to the park.

We arrived faster than before due to clear roads. I removed my jacket and ran around the park about tweleve to fifteen times straight. I sat on the swing near the monkey bars when I felt tired.

I saw two people from a far that looks quite familiar. It's Sarah and I don't know the name of the guy but he looks so familiar. They are having a morning walk... I guess? But Sarah is wearing slutty short-shorts and a bra type racer-back like mine but her's looks more revealing. It's like five times smaller than her size. I wonder if she has proper clothes in her closet?

They walked around the park. I want to see them closer so I acted like i'm having just a walk as well. I plugged my earphones in and pretended like i'm listening to a song by singing softly to the tune.

"I wanna stay up all night and la la la la la...." I sang softly as I by pass them. I saw the guy's mouth formed and O. I remembered this guy! He's the one that is beside Sarah when she asked me to wipe her shoe before. I remembered the sound of their laughs. It sends me horrors of my past.

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