Chapter Ten- The New Her

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If you can't accept me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best.

Chapter Ten- The New Her

I took a deep breath before turning off my car.

"Oh my crap Ray-ray. I can see lots of eyes looking at your ride. Well, I can't blame them. It really is worth gazing." I grabbed my purse beside my seat.

"I know right." I grinned.

"So, can we go in now Ms. Richardson?" Woosh. This is it.

"Leggo!" I cheered and we fist bumped before going out of the car.

I opened my door and went out of the car with all my poise. Another wow, I felt like I just entered an awards night and i'm the main attraction of the event. I've spotted some familiar faces along the parking space. Couples who were currently having their hot make-out session stopped from what they are doing and followed my direction by their eyes.

"Did you see those people whose world stopped when you got out of your car? I think they don't recognize you." Faith whispered as we walked.

"Just go with the flow F." I whispered back maintaining my posture.

It was only eight forty five in the evening and a lot of people had already passed out and drunk. Geez, I bet those people easily gets drunk by just smelling a liquor.

We entered the main house using the main large door in the front. The place still looked the same since I last went here. My eyes explored around searching for the guy with the largest animal horn on his head none other than Kyle but he's not in the living room. There were already a bunch of guys who's asking for my number, a drink or a dance for my first ten minutes of stay. I ignored all of them. Faith started enjoying the night dancing along with the others while I make myself satisfied by my pineapple juice.

I saw Ethan from a far. I promenaded a bit closer so he'd be able to see me. And my suspicions were all right. He's standing near the pool with the other sophomore boys and Kyle. This is getting more exciting.

Ethan saw me and he waved. All the guys beside him turned to look at my direction. As I expected, all of them bug-eyed over me. Ethan marched to my way and all the other boys followed after him. My insides were laughing out loud at the scenario. They look like little kids playing the caterpillar game.

"Hey gorgeous." He called me what? "Will you dance with me?" He offered his hand.

"Sure handsome." I played along with my cousin's game. I placed my hand on top of his and he held my hand as we walked back inside the room and headed to the improvised dance floor where the others were dancing.

Ethan and I danced to the beat of the music. I was surprised to see him doing his cool moves. I never saw him dance. He's a good dancer if you ask me. The music changed into a slow love song from modern dance tunes. I saw Kyle from the corner of my eyes looking mainly at me as I danced with my cousin.

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