Chapter Thirty Five- That Miracle Bullet

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It's never a mistake to care about someone so much.

Chapter Thirty Five- That Miracle Bullet

-Rachelle's POV-

My mind and body can’t keep up with my senses seriously. Everything happened so fast. I don’t know whether to get irritated, annoyed or pissed at those two guys. Wait, scratch that.  I’m fucking irritated, annoyed and pissed with them.

When my organs finally got to work, I stood up and gave the two of them the hardest possible slap that I can ever give then turned back to where my man was lying on the floor.

“Trent, please hold on for me. You can’t die.” I cried.

“Rachelle I’m-“I didn’t let Ethan finish his sentence.”

“Don’t talk to me.”

The police came in no time so as with the ambulance.

“How did they get here?” One of Jason’s guys asked in confusion.

“I called them. I know that Jason has a gun.”

I didn’t look at them but I kept on holding Trent who’s lying on my lap with blood..

The medics quickly did their job on getting Trent to the ambulance.

“I’ll go with him.” I muttered.

“Are you a family miss?”

“No, I am his girlfriend.”

“Sorry, we can’t let you in.”

“What the fuck! I’m the only one close to him here!” She looked shocked when she heard me scream.

“O-okay. You may get in.” She stuttered.


“Mom?” I said when mom picked up my call.

“What’s wrong Rachelle?” She answered in a worried tone.

“We’re in the hospital.”

“What happened? We’ll be there any minute now.”

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