Chapter Seven- A Brotherly Love

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It's funny how can a brother be annoying and loving at the same time.

Chapter Seven- A Brotherly Love

Faith arrived shortly. Thank heavens she knows where this damn place is. Well, who wouldn't know where does the biggest dumb ass player lives? Yeah right, Rachelle Richardson, the one and only me. She ran out of her car when she saw me on the streets kneeling down. I don't really know how to react or how am I going to comprehend stuffs.

"Holy crap Rachelle! What the hell happened to you?!" That was the only time I saw Faith looking that much worried. It's written all over her face.

"Can we go somewhere away from all this shit? I need peace  F. I can't explain how do I feel. Please, take me somewhere quiet. I promise to tell you everything later." She studied my face as she wiped my tears.

"Okay, let's go to my house. No one's there." She sighed. " You look so wasted Rachelle." I know I do. That's why I want her to  take me out of this freaking place.

Faith's right. Her place is not that far away from Kyle's. I remained silent as we entered the house. She gave me a glass of water and I gulped in.

"Faith. I'm sorry... I never  thought that my first visit in your house will take place at a time like this." She stared at me inquiringly.

"Hush Rachelle..." She slightly rubbed circles on my back. "It's not your fault. You don't have to apologize. Now, tell me what happened." With that, I tried my best to confess everything that happened earlier to her.

"I never thought it would turn out like that. His words hit me like a bullet. It strained directly into my heart. He said he can never like me because i'm fat and ugly." I cried and cried. Faith gazed at me with pity in her eyes,

"No Rachelle. Stop saying that you are ugly when you're not. For me you are beautiful inside out. Please... Stop crying." I don't want to hear anymore comforting lies. I know she's trying her best to make me feel better but it just makes a lot worst.

"Faith. I want you to stop saying those words too. I don't want to hear anymore lies. Please. I beg you. I know you, Ethan, Auntie and Ray would always say that because you all care for me. It's making me hurt. Can't you see it?" She didn't manage to reply. I kept on talking. "Right now, I  want to rip out my skin and get out of this humongous, monstrous body. Why can't they look at me as a normal teenager? They give glares at me as if I am an illegal when i'm not." I turned my face down.

"I'm sorry Rachelle. I'm your friend. A true friend even though we haven't known each other for a long time. I promise I won't judge you just like how others do." She pulled me into a tight bear hug. "I can help you, if you want." What? I looked up to her under my lashes.

"What? How can you?" She held my hair and caressed it with her  fingers.

"I can help you but you have to help yourself too. That means, you'll need to set a goal and boost up your motivation if you really want a change." I nodded, not sure how to respond. "My father owns a dance studio and a fitness gym. Remember last night? I told you i'm dancing." I recalled what she said. Yeah, she eats like crazy but never gets fat.

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