Chapter Twenty Seven- Promise To Herself

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Sometimes, it's easier to pretend you don't care than to admit it's killing you.

Chapter Twenty Seven- Promise To Herself

‎-Ethan's POV-

It's been two months since Rachelle's car accident. She's still not waking up. Most of her wounds have  already healed. The school year began and people are wondering how Rachelle is. I really hope she wakes up soon.

Faith and I drops by to the hospital everyday. Mom always cries whenever she visits Rachelle.

On the other hand, I can't even focus on school. I know it's a little over acting on my place but come on, Rachelle's like a real sister to me. She's the best one i've ever had. Another thing that keeps on making me unfocused is that I know she's heart broken when she got into that accident. I badly want to know what happened to them. Why is she hurting when she called me?

-Rachelle's POV-

I was in a sky blue colored room with white curtains hanging by the large window making the place look brighter and peaceful. I'm all alone, sitting on the corner with my butt touching the cold, white floor.

I can't speak. But my mind is working, I can move freely and my eyes are opened. I stood up and glanced at the huge white door on the left side of the room. I wonder what's behind that door?

I slowly walked up to the door and held the knob to open it.

"Rachelle..." Someone spoke out of the blue. I think I never heard that voice before. Who's that?

"Rachelle, it's me. Stella." How can she hear me? I'm not even speaking. "Because I can hear what's playing on your mind." She once again spoke.

"Who are you? I don't remember anyone named like that." I asked through my mind.

"I am your mother." I froze when I heard her answer.

"I-I can't even see you. Why would I believe in you?"

"Go and open that door." I did what she said.

It led me into a street. It's evening. A car was moving on the street fast but it seemed to be out of control. It moved left, right and woah! I saw it hit a large post. I tried to get closer to the car. Half of it was badly smashed. I took a peek at the driver's broken window. I gasped. There's two people inside the car. One girl and a boy. The girl in the passenger seat seemed to be still alive I can see her fingers moving. I heard someone crying, from the back seat. Oh, it was a baby. So there's three of them.

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