Chapter Nineteen- The Over-Protective Mr. Player

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Falling in love is not a choice, it's a chance!


Chapter Nineteen- The Over-Protective Mr. Player

The dinner last night was the best dinner I had after a long time.

Watching my favorite movie after supper with Trent was a great bonus. It was already twelve in the evening when we finished watching so they let me stay for the night. I slept on my old room. I felt so at home.

I woke up in the morning inhaling a familiar lemony scent. Trent was sitting beside me smiling. Oh my. Why?

"Hey, do I look like a raccoon? I don't remember putting on make up before I go here." I never felt so conscious before. He chuckled and shook his head.

"Nope. You're still so beautiful even in your morning look." My cheeks reddened. "Aww princess is blushing..." He caressed my cheeks with the top of his fingers softly and I covered my face with my pillow in shame. He laughed. "Hey, don't cover that face! I wanna see it." He tried to pull the pillow out of me but I didn't let him.

"Yeah. You wish!" I shouted under my pillow and I felt him settled on the bed closer to me. "What are you doing?" I slightly moved the pillow up to take a peek. He's kneeling beside me on my bed smiling. Oh crap! I'm in deep trouble.

"Doing my old stuff." He began tickling me on my sides and I laughed crazily begging him to stop. But knowing Trent, I know he wouldn't. I was breathless when he finally stopped. And just like before, he carried me like a baby and ran around the room. "Damn Rach. You're a lot lighter now. I wonder how many pounds you have lost." He murmured as he put me down back on my bed.

"Haha. Whatever Trent." He's seated beside me on my bed. He looked straight at me. "Take a picture. It'll last longer." I teased.

"Why take a picture when I can stare at this face for the whole day?" He answered back.

"What if this face won't allow you?" I winked. Mom knocked at the door.

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