Chapter Five- Signs?

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Crying doesn't always mean you're weak, it just means you've been strong and tried acting so numb for too long.

Chapter Five- Signs?

My first week in Xavier High went well and so as with my friendship with Faith. I am also able to catch up some lessons with her help which i'm really thankful about.

I entered my English class earlier than usual. I just feel like going early because I want to read some of my notes before the class starts.

While i'm scanning my notes, I was surprised to see Kyle standing in front of my desk.

"Studying hard, eh?" He flashed his bright smile showing those perfect white teeth. I felt my cheeks turn to crimson as my body temperature heats up due to nervousness.

"H-hi. Just wanna read notes to understand the discussions later." I turn my gaze on my notes so he can't see my face. I'm just too shy to show it to him.

"Sounds good." He smirked. "Guess i'll sit beside you." He made his way to the chair on my right and placed his bag on it never putting his eyes away from me. "Breathe, Rachelle."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry." My heart beat was  faster than usual. I felt a relief when I saw faith entered the room.

"Hey Rachelle." Faith hugged me. "Hmm. I smell something here." She whispered on my ears and sat down on the vacant chair beside me.

Mr. Robins entered the class and all of us started to keep quiet when he started his lesson.

It was my first time to feel this strange. Every time I try to stare at the corner of my eyes, I see Kyle looking at me.

The bell for lunch rang. Ah, finally! I walked hurriedly to the cafeteria with Faith.

"Oh my gosh Chelle! He stared at you a while ago! I saw that!" Faith said with full excitement in her voice handing me a tray.

"Maybe you're wrong F, why would he do that?" I asked her seriously. But i'm screaming deep inside because I thought I was the only one who saw Kyle stared at me during our English period.

"Hello? Can't you see? He likes youuuuu! Duh." She rolled her eyes. We started picking our foods and head to an empty table to eat and discuss.

Although I haven't told her about me having a crush on Kyle, she seemed to read my actions so well. Or, was it too obvious?

"How could you tell that he likes me? You never even talked to him." I crossed my arms and faced her.

"Whatever Rach! I don't need to talk to him just to notice that. And besides, i'm not as numb as you not to feel or even see that." I just shrugged when she said that. She took a bite of her burger shaking her head.

Sometimes, I just don't get it why Faith tells me that. I admit I have a crush on Kyle. But does he feel the same way? I was taken aback from my thoughts when Kyle sat beside me while Faith and I were currently having our lunch.

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