Chapter Twenty Three- The Romantic Mr. Sparks

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I'm not in this to be your first kiss, your first love, your first fight, or your first date. That's not me, I just wanna be your last.

Chapter Twenty Three- The Romantic Mr. Sparks

Dan followed Sarah with his eyes but didn't move a muscle to go after his sister.

"Dan, what's up?" Trent asked coolly like nothing happened. This boy is sure a good actor.

"Rachelle?" Dan didn't seem to hear Trent's question but looked at me instead. "Is that really you?" He asked to reassure.

"Yeah?" I answered hesitantly, unsure with what to say. I mean, who could act normally with what just happened?

My mind was still in state of shock.

"Uhm." Trent cleared his throat. "I hope you won't cancel this party just because of that, right?" Dan faced Trent, gaining back his senses.

"But of course. Let's continue this party." Dan proclaimed and everyone started to go back to what they're doing. Others still looking shocked but managed to move on after a while.

Trent and I sat on the sofa. I can sense that Dan was feeling a bit uncomfortable since he already figured out who I really am.

"Rach? Is there anything wrong?" Trent held my hands causing me to shift away from my thoughts.

"Umm. Nothing. I was just thinking about Sarah and Dan and some of the other guests around here. They looked so shocked. I wonder how is Sarah doing now..." My head bowed to face my hands that was entwined with Trent's.

"Why are you worrying so much about Sarah? She's not for you to mind, to tell you honestly. She just got that power over the school because of her friends, Dan, John and Karl around her. You know that Karl's no longer on her side already." John? That made me think. I haven't seen him yet since I my first day in Carlisle.

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