Chapter Twenty Five- We'll Never Know

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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Chapter Twenty Five- We'll Never Know

‎-Sarah's P.O.V.- [for the first time!]

"We're done Sarah. Long time ago." Tears was about to prick from my eyes but I tried my best not to cry in front of all the fucking people in there.

That was the only time where I felt so humiliated. I am Sarah Edwards. Get that? Shit! What made it worse is that Trent was the one who did that and it happened inside our damn house with almost all of the upcoming seniors population in Carlisle High! He did that because of that stupid Rachelle bitch.

I hate her! I hate her because he loves her! Why can't he love me? If I only knew that the stupid nerd will go back in Carlisle with an appearance like that, I should've already confessed my feelings for Trent long time ago.

Fuck it! I never cried for a guy but him!

That's because I love him.

And Rachelle Richardson will have to pay for what she did.

It's been few weeks since that night happened and every time I close my eyes, their images appears making my heart rip into pieces.

I'll never let that nerd win my guy. He's mine, only mine...

I have to start my plan so I tracked where Trent is using the GPS of my phone.

The park? What the hell is he doing there?!

I changed into my favorite skirt and tube top and hurriedly went to the park.

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