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-Rachelle's POV-

Living happily married with Trent felt so good. I'd lie if I told you it was very perfect because there is no perfect living. We've encounter few problems the past few years but still managed to get over it. I had a baby girl as my first child. I named her after my real mother, Stella. I'm never disappointed when I discovered that she was a girl. It's absolutely okay with me even I wished for a boy. Our baby was like an angel in disguise.

On the other hand, besides having a pretty high position in the company, Aunt Jeni and Uncle Ray gave us the restaurant and café as their wedding gift for us. That's actually a very good property to begin with. We bought a house near the Danes' place. Ethan and Faith who's married now, also bought a house close to us. Mom and dad moved in New York for us too.

I can never be happier. My life is so good with my little angel and husband with me. They made my life so worth living.

I am Rachelle Richardson-Sparks, the old chubby nerd girl that was bullied, worked hard and fought for her own reputation is now living a joyous life with my brother, that was destined to be my lover...



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