Dangerous Curves by kushiita1
Dangerous Curvesby kushii
Highest ranking #3 in the category Crush and #1 in category Chubby and #46 in category Romance. '' Philip..don't....please...not there'' I try lifting his face from my...
  • lovestory
  • wattys2018
  • crush
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you are beautiful by frozensoul88
you are beautifulby frozen soul
Highest ranking #1 in chubby #17 in love #3 in teenlife #7 in plussize #194 in teen fiction #520 in humor #193 in badboy Emma Brown is just your typical ner...
  • fat
  • chubby
  • romance
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The Good old Days return by ToothCollecter
The Good old Days returnby ToothCollecter
Meet Madison Collin she's the type of girl who is the coldest person you would ever meet if you messed with her or did anything to her or her family and always keeps her...
  • childhoodsweethearts
  • secrets
  • fighting
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The One Who Spoke Back by mebetweenthegangs
The One Who Spoke Backby Denice O.
"And aren't you going to apologize for not looking where the fuck you were going? Be careful next time, bitch." You see I'm actually never shy. You would thin...
  • boyfriend
  • love
  • stephenjames
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Mafia's Forbidden Romance by Darbs_98
Mafia's Forbidden Romanceby Liz Darby
Her name was Amelia Xander. She was adopted when she was two years old. She is the baby and only girl out of five siblings. Amelia was found in a crack house, she was al...
  • billionaire
  • bwwm
  • mafia
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Chubby Patrick Stump Stuff by patricksthicclegs
Chubby Patrick Stump Stuffby CatchAWhatDannie?
Just a bunch of short stories about a certain smol chubby bean!!! May contain swearing and such. Mainly fluff, but there may be some cheeky smut sneaked in~ Don't be afr...
  • patrickstump
  • gay
  • joetrohman
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Various X chubby reader one shots❤️ by Sassyshotaprincess
Various X chubby reader one shots❤️by Sassyshotaprincess
anime or any show really x chubby reader! :) updates are slow~~ bare with me
  • romance
  • blackbutler
  • free
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X Chubby Reader OneShots by The_Dream_Writer
X Chubby Reader OneShotsby Peeps124
• a collection of X chubby reader one-shots • request what you would like with a possible plot line on the first chapter! • I will do MOST requests. If I don't feel com...
  • xchubbyreader
  • chunkyreader
  • xreader
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Mafia Boy Has A Crush On Me by JELLY0829
Mafia Boy Has A Crush On Meby JELLY0829
"You shouldnt be skipping out on your duties to flirt with boys. If you talk to him ever again I will permanently end his life while you watch. Got it?"
  • drama
  • btsjimin
  • chubby
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Chubby Boys and F*ck Boys (Lams) by SmolJohnL
Chubby Boys and F*ck Boys (Lams)by SmolJohnL
John Laurens had always been a bit chubby. Thick thighs, a tummy...Not to mention a self-loving Tumblr account Alexander was the school fuckboy. He's had sex with about...
  • fuckboy
  • musicals
  • thick
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Plus Size/ Chubby Reader One-Shots by Runaway-To-My-Aid
Plus Size/ Chubby Reader One-Shotsby Queen S👑
All in the name, all fandoms.
  • plus
  • movies
  • shows
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His Princess Her Bodyguard (Jotaro x Chubby!Reader) by MochiPie97
His Princess Her Bodyguard ( JiminsMochi
You're the princess of the West kingdom & you're arranged to be married to a prince of the North-kingdom. Your father hires bodyguards to help you through your long jour...
  • adventure
  • jotaroxreader
  • chubbyreader
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Chubs | KSJ by Pamera12
Chubs | KSJby Pamelons
All of my peach milk comes exploding out my nose. I instantly grab a hand full of napkins, patting my face and the table dry, so does Jin. "What did you say?"...
  • kim
  • hoseok
  • eatjin
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Anime x ChubbyReader One-Shots by MochiPie97
Anime x ChubbyReader One-Shotsby JiminsMochi
Chubby Reader One shots with any male or female character you desire! Whoever you like as an anime character, I will write for you guys. Just explain which character y...
  • jjba
  • gangsta
  • free
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fatten you up // joshler  by huggableashton
fatten you up // joshler by huggableashton
josh is secretly fattening up tyler because he is scared that tyler is going to leave him, so he wants to make tyler so fat no one else would want him
  • chubbytyler
  • weightgain
  • tylerjoseph
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Chubby Chasin' by TyBoneSteak
Chubby Chasin'by MBJ'sluv
Jordan Jackson and Alicia Miller are on two different ends of the popularity spectrum in their hood. Despite this, they some how become friends for a little while. After...
  • transformation
  • blackman
  • ghettoromance
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Phat or Thick by jaystoriess
Phat or Thickby jaystoriess
24 year old Zinna is taking the world by storm with her clothing business Zinna's Fashion. She was always bullied growing up because she was bigger than the rest. Being...
  • urbanfiction
  • urban
  • empower
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Worthy of Love by TyBoneSteak
Worthy of Loveby MBJ'sluv
Taylor Pines was, what she liked to call, 'big ball of crazy.' Taylor was confident, yet shy, smart, but did dumb things, and stubborn, but she would give in to those sh...
  • erikkillmonger
  • blackoc
  • romance
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My "DEADLY" Happily Ever After by KewelKuma
My "DEADLY" Happily Ever Afterby Kewel
Jordana Reeves comes home from work tired and worn out. She's suddenly pushed against the wall with a knife pointed at her throat. She screams "Please don't kill me...
  • arranged
  • african
  • black
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Hello [mxb] by LadleFace
Hello [mxb]by A.Hooper
Bellamy is a fifteen year old boy who was born at a disadvantage. Born to older parents during what was a dangerous pregnancy, he's left mostly blind, hard of hearing an...
  • bxb
  • agegap
  • slash
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