Chapter Twenty- His Match Making Plan

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Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... then I realized I was thinking about you.

Chapter Twenty- His Match Making Plan

I was about to drift off to my dreamland when my phone rang.

"Hey Rach." It's obviously Trent.


"Up for a morning jog tomorrow?" I miss working out and my body is yearning for it.

"That would be great."

"Kay. Anyway, we can also have lunch at the newly opened resto near the town." Oh lunch. Shit.

"Uhh, i'm sure to go for the morning jog. But i'm not sure if I can go for lunch." I hope he won't ask why.

"Is that so? May I know why?" Geez! Does he know what I am thinking?

"I'm going with Jake for lunch..." That came out like a whisper but enough for him to hear.

"That guy at the bowling alley? He invited you for lunch? Why? And where?" Now, he's bombarding me with questions.

"Geez Trent. Can't you ask one question at a time?!" I sighed. "He just wants me to have a lunch with him since just like me, he doesn't have that much friends here. Got that?" Sometimes Trent is so irritating. But I still love him though.

"So i'm not enough to be your friend?" Ladies and gentlemen, that is the childish side of Mr. Trent Sparks.

"Trent, you don't get it. We know we can't be together twenty four seven. Well, yeah, maybe we can but you have your friends as well. And... Your girls, right? Besides, Jake seems nice. I don't see anything wrong with him." I explained.

"Fine. Where are you going to have your lunch then?" Why does he have to know?

"I don't know yet. I'll just tell it to you tomorrow when Jake and I figured out where. Is that okay sir?" He's too bossy!

"Hmm kay... So, why are you still up?" Maybe if he's beside me, I already punched him for being so stupid. I rolled my eyes.

"My dearest best friend, mister player, I was about to have a very sweet dream and you suddenly called. That's my answer." He chuckled.

"Oh, sorry. You may now go back to sleep. Good night princess. Dream of meeee! Love you."

"Goodnight prince jerk. You wish. Love you too." I was about to hang up but he stopped me.



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