Chapter Twenty Nine- A Date With Mr. Unexpected

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"I never communicated with the Sparks for the last two years. I never listened to any of their voice messages and never read their messages too." I looked down.

"Why?" Ethan asked.

"I-I don't know. I told my self I just wanted to move on. I miss mom and dad but I know that they'll always be on Trent's side. He's their son. And I also told my self that i'll just listen to those when i'm ready." My voice began to crack.

"I understand. But, how did Tyler become Trent? How did he get to New York?" Faith rubbed circles on my back.

"He started modeling at Cumbria in United Kingdom after his high school and a handler from New York saw him and asked him if he wants to go here. He said yes."

"Oh. That's why. So what happened at the shoot earlier?" Geez. Should I tell them?

"Uhh.... We both didn't expect that we're going to be paired up. But he did something ridiculous a while ago...." I bit my lip.

"What did he do?" Ethan's brow creased. I felt my heart beat faster.

"We have to go on a date." I crossed my fingers.

"What?!" Ethan blurted out.

"He climbed up on a tree and attempted to jump if I didn't say yes."

"Why didn't you let him jump? He deserves that." Ethan told me. Is he crazy?!

"He still has a life Ethan. I don't want to feel guilty if something happened to him."

"So you still love him?" Ethan looked at me straight in the eyes. I'm totally out of words to say. "So you do... Wake up Rachy. He cheated on you yet you still love him."

"I don't love him anymore." I turned my head to the right, drifting my eyes away from them.

"I don't believe you. Stop fooling yourself Rachy. You better stop seeing him." Ethan stood up once more and headed up stairs. He's mad at me. I felt that.

"Rachelle..." Faith leaned her head towards me and hugged me. I wanted to cry so bad but I remembered my promise to my self.

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