Chapter - 31

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Aaron noticed Livia's hesitation and the uncertainty in her voice.

"Aaron, we-"

Aaron's heart was beating loudly and he wasn't sure if he will be able to hear a 'No' from her. He put his finger on her lips.

"Shh..." Livia stopped and looked at him.
" I won't take no as an answer. I am not letting you go anywhere. Even if you remember or not I won't let you forget our wedding vows. You are mine till death do us part."

"I am not what you chose Aaron. You didn't even know that it was me you were getting married to."

Aaron smiled at her. "You were mine from the moment I saw you."

"You mean at party?"


Livia frowned." I don't think we ever met before that."

"The first time I saw you was when you were helping an old lady to cross the road and a fast speed car came and you scolded the driver."

"Yeah I remember now. He was driving so carelessly."

"Actually it was me who was driving the car."

Livia looked at him, shocked by the revelation.
"You are shameless! I scolded that poor man because of you."

Aaron laughed. "Thanks for the compliment."
"When I saw you...I told myself that if I met this girl again before the marriage then I will just ditch the Smith daughter and marry her instead. It's strange but yeah it's true." Aaron shrugged. "And then I saw you at the party wearing a peach dress, you wore a rose perfume."

Livia blushed. She was surprised to see how Aaron remembered everything.

"And you ignored me and even called me shameless."

"I didn't." Livia protested.

"Well you were giving me a look which clearly screamed at me 'shameless!'."

Livia's blush deepened. "That was because you were staring at me."

Aaron smiled at her pink cheeks.
Oh he loved it so much.
"Before I met you I never believed in things like fate and destiny but your appearance changed everything. And I started to believe in things I never knew existed. When I saw you there I promised to myself that on the wedding day it will be you who will stand at the altar as my bride. And since you were a Smith's daughter, it was like cherry on the cake."

"But Ada?"

"You little fool, you were late. Before your arrival they had already agreed to marry Ada to me and Alicia was so happy that she wanted to announce the wedding there and then. But I stopped her. I knew that they will not let you marry me as Ada was already decided for this marriage. So I made a plan. While talking to Ada she told me that she wanted to become a model.
So I looked for a famous designer who was her favourite. I contacted him and told him to call Ada for the shoot on the day our wedding was held and I paid him for that. And since I have money and connections, for me it was just a piece of a cake."

"But how were you so sure that they will make me your bride?''

Aaron raised an eyebrow,"How do you think I have become so successful as a businessman? I left them with no other option. So you were all they had then."

"Then why did you look so angry when you lifted the veil?"

"Because I saw the slap marks on your face and I was quite sure it was Alicia." Aaron touched her cheek gently as if trying to soothe the pain it had received that day. He looked angry.

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