Chapter - 28

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Third week had started and now Livia tried to steel herself not to cry anymore. Not to think about the person who couldn't reciprocate to her feelings. She thought about trying to get her life back on track but it wasn't as easy as she had imagined. Everywhere and in every corner of the house Aaron's memories haunted her. She still used to read the articles regarding his latest business deals and acquisitions and just like a lovesick fool feel happy for his achievements...achievements of her husband who had betrayed her.

While he was busy in expanding his business she was still crying over her lost love and broken heart. She decided of starting her digital marketing again so as not to think about Aaron or anything related to him. Then her eyes fell on a small advertisement at one corner of the website she had opened. There was a small baby in that picture. Livia smiled and touched the picture of the child.
'If only she had Aaron's child she would have someone to care for, someone to shower her love upon but then he had never forgotten to use protection except for the first time when they had made love in that cottage. He had looked relieved after she had told him she wasn't pregnant.

Livia had always wanted a family but the  thought of a family was scary for Aaron. If only she could make him believe how much she loved him but she didn't even had the guts to tell him so. Yes, she wanted a child with Aaron but only when Aaron would ask her himself to bear his child... their child.

While Livia was busy in her thoughts her phone started ringing. Without looking at the caller ID she picked up the call thinking that it might be Aaron.

"Hey stranger!" A male voice came from the other side. It was familiar but it wasn't Aaron.

"So, What's up? I hope you haven't forgotten me."

"Evan!'' Livia screamed happily.
Livia was an introvert and she had very few friends during her college days and Evan was her best friend. Many girls had a crush on Evan and they took Livia as their enemy. However, Livia had always treated Evan like a brother only.

"Finally, you recognised me, Livi."

"I never forgot you. So how are you doing?" Livia replied.

"Great as always and I heard that you are in London?''asked Evan.


"Great then. Let's meet because I have a lot of things to talk about."

Livia laughed. "Ok but where?"

"An hour later at the central park. Get ready really quick."

"Ok bye." Livia laughed.

'Maybe talking to Evan will help me to move on from this heartbreak.' Livia quickly got ready and after 45 minutes she was standing in front of the main gate of the villa.

"Mrs Rodriguez, Are you going somewhere?" the security guard asked.

"Yes, please open the door."

"Then just wait for a minute and I'll call the driver."

"No need. I have already called for a cab."

"But Sir said you can't go out alone."

Livia looked at the guard with a stern face. "Open the gates."


Livia once again gave him the intimidating look which she had learnt looking at Aaron. 'The art of intimidating people just with a stare.'

The guard quietly opened the door and the cab was already waiting for her.
Livia reached the central park and Evan  was nowhere to be seen.

"Evan, you are late again." Livia said shaking her head.


Livia heard a female voice calling her name. She turned around and saw her biggest nightmare standing in front of her.
'Miranda.' Livia recognised her but she didn't show any sign of recognition. There was no way that she will allow her nightmare to haunt her waking life.

"I am sorry but do I know you?"asked Livia.

Miranda raised her eyebrow and said,"Looks like Aaron managed to  suppress the news. It's ok, let me introduce myself." Miranda extended a hand towards Livia for a handshake.
"I am Miranda Chaperol, Aaron's girlfriend."

Livia looked at her hand and then at her face. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and managed a sweet smile on her face.
"I am Livia Rodriguez, Aaron's wife. I remember Aaron talking about some of his Exes and I guess you are one of them."

Livia noticed the raising colour in Miranda's cheeks and jumped inwardly at her first victory.
'Of course I am not gonna lose to you in real life.'

Miranda took her hand back and smiled viciously.
"Even though I know that Aaron never lies but still I think you are mistaken because I am still Aaron's girlfriend."

"Well...I don't know you Ms Chaperol   but I know my husband well enough. And he never lies. So I will choose to believe him."

"I was just going to meet Aaron because he had called me for a meeting. He said he was planning for vacations."said Miranda.

Livia could feel her blood boiling but she was determined not to show it.

"So, I was just going to see him but then I thought of taking a stroll in the fresh air and saw you."

"Even if you are going to meet him but I will have to inform you that he is quite busy these days. And as for going for the vacations why don't you find yourself someone else because I hope you know what people call a woman trying to break off a marriage." Livia broken and furious inwardly but smiling confidently at her face continued,"and doesn't matter who you are and what you do but at the end of the day it's me who is Aaron's wife, legally."

Livia turned around and left while Miranda was still standing there. Livia turned to her right and when she was sure that she was far from Miranda's eyes and ears she allowed her tears to flow.

"How could you do that Aaron? All along I was blaming myself for everything.  I even thought of forgetting everything but you...Well it's all my fault for being such a fool. It was all my fault that I fell in love with you."

"Livia" Livia heard Evan's voice and she quickly wiped away her tears. She turned around and saw Evan with a huge smile on his face coming to her. He hugged her tightly.

"Hey Livi, did I made you wait for too long?"

Livia didn't want to speak because she knew very well that if she opened her mouth she will end up crying. So she just nodded her head into a yes.

" I am sorry. I just-''

Evan suddenly pulled her away from his hug and looked at her red eyes. Frowning he asked.
"Hey, What happened?"

And that was when Livia lost all her control and gave into her tears.

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