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"I will not marry a stranger!" Livia cried.

" Of course, you will." John Smith, Livia's father replied.
"But where is Ada? She was supposed to marry him. He is her fiance!"

"Look Livia, Ada is not here and no one knows where she is. And we can't leave Aaron standing there at the altar."

"Then tell him the truth and save him from this waiting."
"Livia don't test my patience. I am already at my nerve's end. Aaron Rodriguez is not someone we can mess with. If he felt wronged he will destroy everything. This house, our business and our lives." John tried to explain his situation.

"You mean your house, your business and your life."
"Livia, I know you don't like me much but you can't deny the fact that I am your father and as a daughter it's your duty to help in time of mess."

"You mean go in front of a cold hearted businessman just like a sacrificial lamb? And if you had ever considered me as your daughter you would never have told me to do this. But for you I don't even exist! Do I ?"


" I am saying it again, I will not marry that person." Just as she said these final words, Alicia Smith slapped her hard.

"Consider this a privilege that you are getting the chance to marry a billionaire. He was going to be Ada's husband if she hadn't left so stupidly. And as for you, you are getting far much better than you deserve."

Livia's father had an extramarital affair with Alicia and after Livia's mother died he married Alicia. Alicia Smith was the second wife of Livia's father, John Smith. She had a daughter, Ada who was an year younger to Livia and originally it was Ada who was supposed to marry Aaron Rodriguez. Alicia had come into Livia's life when she was just 6 years old and had lost her mother. Even though Olivia's (Livia's mother) place was irreplaceable in Livia's heart but she still had accepted the changes and had tried to be respectful and kind to the new member of the family. But Alicia had always considered her a burden. She always made nasty comments on her and had made her life a living hell. As for her dad Livia doubted if he had ever loved her mother. He had always supported Alicia even in times when he knew Alicia was wrong. This woman had taken everything from her- her life, her happiness, her dad and now she was talking about privileges.

"We have done so much for you. We raised you, fed you and gave you everything just so the that maybe one day-"

"You could use me as a sacrificial lamb." Livia remarked. "And as for what you have done for me yes I agree with you. You and my dear dad have done a lot for me like sending me to hostel when I was just 7 years old, giving me the old clothes of your daughter to wear-"

"You unscrupulous daughter!" Alicia had just raised her hand again to hit Livia when John stopped her.

"Don't hit her like this. It will leave marks on her face. We need a good face at the moment not a bruised one."

Livia always knew that for her father money had always been the priority but she had never seen this in person and today when she was seeing it, it took away the last remenants of respect she had for him.

"Look Livia," John said "it is not just about me but also about the employees who work for us. Their bread and butter depends on our hotel. If we angered Aaron, he will not spare anyone and you will be the reason for everyone's doom."

Livia realised that now her dad was trying to hit on her weak spot by blackmailing her emotionally and trying to make her feel guilty for she is the only one now who can save them.

"Do you think Aaron won't react if he found me in place of Ada?"

"All he wants is the Smith daughter. It is just a marriage of convenience, a contractual marriage for business. It doesn't matter whom he is marrying as long as it is a Smith daughter."

"Smith daughter!" Livia gave a sarcastic laugh . "Did you ever considered me your daughter?"

"We don't have time for this Livia. Here, wear this dress, get the makeup done, we are waiting for you outside. And be good and think of the consequences if you refused. Your mother have taught you to help others. I hope you still remember the values she taught you." John said and left the room with Alicia.

Livia had never thought that her father would stoop so low so as to bring the name of her mother in all this. ',Ok, fine!' She decided she will get ready as the bride - No, it's the sacrificial bride or maybe as a replacement because she was sure that Aaron will say 'No' to her and then it will be him who will be calling off this marriage.

Even though Ada and Livia were half sisters but they were very different. Ada was outgoing, attractive and liked flirting with men, she was a specimen of what men called sexy while on the other hand Livia was more like an introvert and a shy girl who never considered herself beautiful especially after her boyfriend had left her for a zero figured, innocent looking attractive girl. Livia wasn't zero figured because she had curves which she had never really liked. She wanted to be petite and had tried various exercises and diets but none of them worked and then she gave up on this and started sticking only to the 30 minutes or 1 hour aerobics. Though aerobics couldn't make her petite but she was happy the way things were. So there was no way Aaron would want a girl like her... Rejection by Aaron was her only hope now.

Some girls came in to help Livia with the dress and makeup and everything was done with a within a record time of 45 minutes and when Livia looked at herself in the mirror she was surprised at her reflection. Even if the gown was for her sister it had fitted her perfectly . But the only problem was that her curves were getting a bit more attention... much more than she would have allowed.

"So the bride is ready!" one of the girl announced happily.

'Yeah, the sacrificial bride.' Livia laughed at her fate.

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*********If you feel you've read this story then maybe you have when the cover was different (either of these 👇) The writer has a really bad habit of changing covers (I think she's especially obsessed with this one) so pardon! 😅💕

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