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Aaron removed his coat and started reading his files but for the first time he couldn't focus on his work.

'The way Livia blushes so easily and calls me shameless makes her seem so virginal... but she was flirting with my staff... no it's my staff's fault. Doesn't he know how to behave around his boss's wife? I'll fire him the moment we land.  She is my wife. She can't flirt with people like that. I don't want any scandals. Everything should be under my control.'

1 hour 8 minutes later he finally heard the bathroom door open.
'Why am I counting the minutes? Am I going crazy?'

Aaron looked up and was mesmerized by what he saw. His lovely wife was wearing a peach coloured dress that reached below her knees. The dress had a decent neckline, there was nothing provocative or revealing about the dress but it made her look so beautiful, desirable.

'No! the last thing that I want is a real marriage. I don't want any bonds except for the monetary one. This marriage is just on paper and there will be no intimate relationship and no kids for sure in this deal.'

Livia came and took her seat and gave Aaron a polite smile.

"You took quite some time." Aaron said.

" I had heard your staff talking that it will take around 1 and half hour to reach the destination-"
"So you are trying to avoid me." he looked into her eyes.

"" she avoided the eye contact. "Why would I ignore you?"

'Even though I can't enjoy an intimate relationship with her I can at least enjoy teasing her. Teasing her and seeing her flushed always lifts up my mood and she feels like a breath of fresh air.'

"When you eavesdrop next time just make sure you hear the right conversation."
" I wasn't eavesdropping! I just heard you talking. There's a difference between the two." She tried to defend herself.

"It will take us 5 to 6 hours more to reach our destination."he informed her.

"What? Where are we going?"
"To our honeymoon."
"Can you please be serious, Mr Rodriguez?"
Aaron looked at her but didn't said anything.
"Mr. Rodriguez-" before  she could complete her sentence Aaron crushed his mouth on hers.

Finally when he let her go, Livia asked with a   shaky breath, still gasping for air, "What were you doing?"

"Kissing you." Aaron smiled his wolfish grin. 'Kissing doesn't count as intimate and I  enjoy the taste of her. So I can let myself kiss her sometimes.'

"Why did you do that?"
"You sure have a bad memory. I had told you to call me by my name -Aaron and not Mr Rodriguez. If you forget again I'll kiss you again."

"You..." Livia had just opened her mouth to speak when they were interrupted.

"Mr Rodriguez, shall we serve something?"
Aaron told the attendant to bring some food and wine and in a minute everything arrived.

The table was set in front of them.
"Aren't you going to eat ?" Aaron  asked but Livia didn't replied and avoided looking at him.

"You didn't eat anything during the breakfast. Don't tell me you are on some stupid diet plan."
"I'm not on any stupid diet plan." Livia picked up a Sandwich and started eating. She was hungry of course! She hadn't eaten anything during the breakfast. How could she when she was being forced into a marriage like this, sold to someone by her own father much against her wish.

They ate in silence and when they were done Livia turned her head to the other side and just dozed off to sleep.

Aaron couldn't remember the last time he was ignored like this... especially  by a woman- Never. He was never ignored like this and he didn't know whether to be amused at her or be mad at her.

He just opened his files and started working.

"stop! please..."
Aaron heard some noise and when he looked at his side, he realised Livia was having a nightmare.

"Please stop! don't go..."  Aaron frowned. 'Who is she dreaming about?' he didn't quite liked the feeling of his wife dreaming about another man.

He slowly tried to wake her up.
"Mom!" And  she finally opened her eyes.
"Hey, calm  down... it's just a nightmare."  he hugged her awkwardly trying to soothe her  by rubbing her back gently. He was relieved to find that it was her mom that she was dreaming about and not some random guy.

" It's ok... calm down.."
when she gained control she drew back from him. "I.. I am sorry."

"Are you ok?"

she nodded her head in a yes.

For the rest of the journey Aaron kept Livia engaged in conversation. She talked about her school and college experiences while he told her about his business meetings and sometimes weird people that he met.

When they landed in London a car with a driver was already waiting for them.

'Being rich sure have advantages. You have everything just at the snap of your fingers.' Livia noted.

They arrived at the hotel and with the beautiful interior and expensive paintings and decoration on walls Livia could say that it was a five star hotel. It was even bigger and looked even more expensive than her father's hotel.

The manager welcomed them both and the way he  met with Aaron was as if they knew each other from a long time. Manager called the porter and told him to carry their luggage to their room.

"Livia, you go with him and eat  something. Don't wait for me."said Aaron

"Aren't you coming?"she asked.

"Much as I want to come and share the bed with you but I have something important that demands my attention here." Aaron replied with a wolfish grin.

"You stay here all night. As if I care...hmph.. shameless."

Livia left with the porter but she could still hear Aaron's laughter following her.  She reached their room.

''s a presidential suite. It is so big.. even my entire apartment can fit into this and there will still be a room left for a pool and a small garden and a badminton court.'

"Do you want me to send something to eat, Ma'am?" Porter asked.

"Some light snacks would be fine."


Porter left and just 5 minutes later the bell rang and her dinner had arrived. She ate some sandwiches as she wasn't really hungry and then she decided to take a bath.

Guys, i know that kissing is an intimate gesture but Aaron denies that because he just don't want to admit that he is attracted to her. Because he feels that once he admitted to this attraction he would lose the control and that's the last thing we want.
So I hope you understand now why he said that "kissing is not intimate''.
I am just explaining this because this is my first book and I know there are places where I should have explained some things in the writing but either I missed those things or I forgot so it's alright if you have any questions in the next chapters you can just write in the comment section and I'll try to answer them. 😊😇 Happy reading!!

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