Chapter - 26

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What her eyes were looking at she didn't want to believe it. A woman wearing a dark red dress which was hugging her like her second skin, showing more than covering most parts of her body. Her lips painted red and there was a look in her eyes which Livia knew was seduction - an invitation. But what had made Livia nauseous was that that dark red woman was sticking to Aaron and was hanging on to him like a vine. She was looking at Aaron as if inviting him to her bed.

Livia felt sick to the core.
"No... no, no this can't be true. This isn't true." Livia said to herself while trying to get a hold of emotions. "Paparazzis are like that. They...they just make a mountain out of a molehill." She wanted to believe him.

'But he is a playboy.' an inner voice came to the surface.

"Even so... he has changed. I know that he will never cheat me.'' Just then her eyes fell on the headline of the article which said "Aaron Rodriguez seen coming out of his ex's house at 2 in the morning." There was another picture of Aaron in which he was seen dining with that woman 2 days ago.

All the dreams that Livia was weaving minutes ago came crashing down. The picture of the party was from yesterday and him walking out of his ex's house was of today morning. The previous night he had cut her call short saying something urgent had come up and just like a fool she had believed him because everything he said was the truth for her.

The feeling of sickness wasn't leaving. She rushed to the bathroom and emptied the contents of her stomach. She felt weak and older than her age. Her limbs felt numb and she couldn't move. Her legs gave up on her and she fell to the floor and didn't realize when her vision got surrounded by darkness.

Livia was sitting on a chair when she heard footsteps. She looked up and found the cause of her sorrows, Miranda, standing in front of her. Miranda - Aaron's mistress...  yeah that was her name. Livia looked at her unbelievably thinking how dare she enter my house?

But before she could say anything Miranda started.
"Hmm... So You are Livia Smith? And I was wondering whom Aaron has married." She came close to Livia and continued.
"Aaron is very handsome, charismatic and successful. Right? Anyone can fall for him easily. Everything about him is so magical but you look like an intelligent person. You know that he don't do emotions so you will never fall for him. Or have you already?" she laughed and Livia just kept looking.
"Ok now, let's come to the point. You must have heard the news about Aaron and me, so don't take it to the heart. I hope you haven't attached your heart to him. You know well enough that he doesn't do love and emotions but he has money and power which makes others want to get close to him. And above all," she came near Livia and whispered in her ear, "he is amazing in bed."

Livia turned white. All her blood evaporated. She didn't want to think  about this but doesn't matter how many times she tries but her brain would just not listen to her and start making images of Aaron lying in bed with Miranda. She felt disgusted.

" Miranda." Livia heard a very familiar voice and turned around. It was Aaron. And he was standing at the door.

"Come." he called.
Just as Livia moved forward towards him Miranda surpassed her and stood by his side. Livia's feet froze to the ground.

"Let's go." Aaron said looking at Miranda. And without giving a second glance at Livia's direction, they left.

"Stop!" Livia screamed. "Please stop!"  she felt tremendous pain. It felt like someone tore her heart from her body. "Stop." tears escaped from her eyes. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she was breathing heavily.

"Livia, are you alright?" Aaron looked at her. "What happened?"

Livia looked at Aaron. His beautiful face was looking horrified. He looked worried. Aaron hugged her.
"What happened Livia? Was it another nightmare? Was it about your mom?"
She didn't reply to him and he felt Livia   getting stiff. He realised something was wrong. He freed her from his hold and looked into her eyes and asked her while holding her face.
"What happened Livia?"

She didn't reply again and just jerked his hand away.
"Livia, what's wrong with you? And weren't you eating properly? How come you fainted like that on the bathroom floor? What would have happened if Mrs Goodwill hadn't seen you? You should be careful."

'Careful?' she laughed at his word. 'If only I had been careful enough I wouldn't have been hurt so badly like this.'

"Livia, why aren't you saying anything?"

She looked at Aaron and finally said, "What do you want me to say, Aaron?"
Now he was sure that something was definitely wrong.

"You are not the Livia whom I met in that cottage and made love to, you are not the Livia with whom I spent my days and nights and you are definitely not the Livia whom I made love to before leaving. What happened during these three days, Livia?"

"Even I want to know what happened. So you tell me Mr Rodriguez, what happened?" she was angry. She was hurt. Badly this time.

Aaron stood straight now and looked at her,"What's wrong Livia?"

"Where were you Aaron?" she asked. "Where were you during these three days?"

"You know well enough I had meetings. We talked everyday."

"Yes, we talked and just after our conversation you used to go for dinner and parties with your ex or maybe she is still your present. Your mistress, Miranda. Right?"

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