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"But when I saw you," Mrs Greta continued,"I knew he made the perfect choice. Even though many a times photos of  our master has appeared in magazines with those women but trust me when I say none of them ever got a chance to even step here."

This was news to Livia.
"None at all?" Livia asked trying to hide her disbelief.

"None of them." Mrs Greta confirmed and this piece of news made Livia happy... why exactly she had no idea but she was happy now..

"This house felt so lonely before because the master is always on his business trips and doesn't come for most of the time of the year but with you here it will be somewhat light and fun." Mrs Greta  continued her chattering while ascending the stairs.

"And in a year or two maybe there will be little kids in this house."
This made Livia's step falter. She wasn't sure if she wanted to talk about kids now but Mrs seemed was already making the future plans.
They finally reached in front of Aaron's room and Mrs Greta Goodwill was still on," I really want to see master holding kids in his arms-"

"Mrs Goodwill," Livia interrupted. She was sure that if she didn't stop the woman she will even start talking about marriage of non existent children and then the grand children.

"I am a bit hungry. Will you prepare something please?"

"Yes, of course that's my job. What would you like to eat?"

"Something light."

" OK then I will bring it up."

"No...umm...I will come downstairs."

"OK" with that Mrs Goodwill left and Livia entered the room.

Aaron's room was somewhat similar to his suite in the hotel but still for some reason she liked his room more. There was that king sized bed in the centre of the room.

'Will we sleep here  in the same bed?' Livia wondered.
Then she noticed the bed that was covered with dresses and bags of all the expensive brands she had ever heard of- Chanel, Gucci, Prada etc.
She never had the luxury or the courage to walk in one of those expensive stores because the earnings from her part time job were spent on keeping the food on her table and the roof above her head. A little part of that saving was spent as her tution fee in University. So she never had enough to spend on things which screamed luxury.

She looked in one of the bags and rummaged through its contents. There was a beautiful silk evening gown that felt soft to the touch. Then she realised one thing, the bed was covered with items so expensive that she could have completed her studies from kindergarten to university and still there would be a lot of money left to spend.
"Holy God! it's price is many many times more than my one year's salary!"

Then she looked into the other bag and as she took her hand out of that bag, she was holding a "lingerie!''
Her eyes widened in surprise.
"And its transparent and why does it look seductive? This guy has strange tastes!"

Suddenly the room's door opened and Livia turned around. Aaron was standing at the door. He looked at her and then at her hand and then there appeared that wolfish grin of his.

When Livia followed his line-of-sight and looked at her hand she realised that she was still holding that sexy lingerie.

'Damn Livia!' she quickly stuffed it back in that bag and blushed furiously.

"Who...whose is this?" Livia asked trying hard to sound cool but completely failing to do so.

"Of course yours." he walked into the room.

"But it's too expensive! I don't need this."

" I am rich Livia, so I can afford it."

"But Aaron-"

Aaron came closer to her and held her arm a bit too tightly.
"Enough Livia, do you always have to be so stubborn?" he was angry and that anger was visible in his gaze and that tight hold but there was no other sign of violence.

He released her arm and started walking towards the bathroom.

"I am sorry." Livia said slowly but it was loud enough for him to hear and he stopped in his tracks. She walked to him but he was still standing with his back towards her.
"I am sorry." she apologized again. "I shouldn't have behaved like that but-"

"But what Livia?" he turned around to look at her.

'When you give me such expensive gifts, I feel like I am one of your mistresses who share their body with you for some monetary benefits but I am not one of them. What I want is love... someone who could love me back and this is the only thing that you can't give me.' she wanted to say this but couldn't so she just quietly kept looking at him.

"Speak Livia, if you want something more expensive or if something is missing then just let me know and it will be here."

" I don't want anything else, Aaron and I don't want such expensive gifts either."

"Then what do you want?" Aaron asked frustratingly.

' I wish I could tell you.' she lowered her eyes.

Frustrated he held her by her shoulders and made her look up.
"Livia, whether you like it or not but till the time you are with me in this marriage you will have to accept whatever I give. And as for these gifts, if you want them... fine or else I will just have my people throw it all away in the garbage." with this he angrily stormed out of the room.

Livia sat on the bed and looked at the bags lying in front of her.
"You are such a fool Livia, you made him angry without even meaning to."

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