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'Damn Livia!' Livia looked at Aaron   from the corner of her eye and he was smiling.
'Enjoying my troubles?' she eyed him.

"No, I mean when I'm nervous... my face heats up... on its own." Livia said hoping them to believe her.

"Ok... that sounds like an explanation."

"No, I think Mrs Rodriguez is lying because the real reason of this heat is standing there." A woman pointed her chin in Aaron's direction while Aaron went back to his discussion.

"Wow...this newly married couple surely love each other a lot." said the other one and everyone laughed.

Livia wanted to run away but right now she was in a situation where she could neither move nor stay.
'Yes, of course! you all can have a hearty laugh at my expense.'

They had their starters and now Aaron was standing with Livia on his side and surrounded by his friends. Aaron placed his hand on Livia's waist and Livia could feel the butterflies in her stomach.

She had tried her best to engage in a conversation with everyone. And there were moments when she looked at Aaron  from the corner of eye, standing with his colleagues and many a times their eyes had met. She remembered the days when she used to look at her crush secretly though her crush had a crush on her friend.
'Yeah complicated..' she thought. 'Gone are the old days. My husband is more handsome than that crush.' she decided finally and looked up at Aaron.

Aaron was looking at her and then out of the blue he bent his head and kissed her. When he finally let her go, the crowd of their friends was cheering.

"You know, it's really rude of us to keep a newly married couple here. We should just feed them quickly and let them go." said one of Aaron's friend and everyone laughed.

Livia blushed furiously and she just didn't know where to look.
'God! this is embarrassing.'

They had their dinner and Livia hardly ate anything. Then Aaron asked Livia  for a dance and even though she was tired she agreed for two reasons.
One, she had to show everyone that she and Aaron were a good couple because this will help Aaron's image in public and  she'll be able to make him agree for a negotiation.
And two, she just wanted to get out of the sight and gossips of women who now seemed to be so very interested in her marriage.

Aaron took the lead and she allowed him to. She was so tired that even standing took so much effort. Aaron pulled her close to him and she didn't resist. She wanted to put some distance between them because right now their bodies were touching and she could feel his breath on her cheeks. This was all so intoxicating.

"When are we going to leave?"she asked. "Tired?"
"Hmm.."she nodded her head a little.
"We can leave in 5 or 10 minutes. We have done enough of entertaining."

10 minutes later they were in their car driving in the street of London. The car suddenly came to a halt and when Livia looked outside she  realised her surroundings were different.

"Where are we?"
"A Restaurant."  Aaron replied and got out of the car and came to her side and opened the door for her.

"But why are we here?"

" To feed you."

"Feed me?" Livia's brows furrowed.

"Yes, now come out quick."

Livia looked at him and she wanted to say,'Are you crazy? You just came out of a dinner party.'

And it was as if Aaron heard her thoughts because he replied, "No, I am not crazy." He pulled her out of the car and put his hand at the small of her back.

"Were my thoughts that loud?"

"You bet." Aaron chuckled. " I can even hear it when you think of me."

Livia blushed. 'I will refrain myself from thinking anything stupid about him or else it might become difficult to explain.'

"I know you just came out of a dinner party but I saw that you hardly ate anything. So we are here to feed you."

'He noticed that I didn't eat anything.' a small voice in Livia quipped. So he really was watching her. The thought made her heart skip a  beat.

They entered the restaurant and were shown a secluded table far from the view of other diners.
Aaron asked Livia,"What would you like to eat?"
"Just order whatever you like. I don't know much about this place."

Aaron gave the order and within minutes the food was served on the table.
"Eat now."

"Are you always like this?"

"Like what?"

"Bossy! You are always like Livia you go to sleep, Livia  come here, Livia go there, Livia eat, Livia come out."

"Am I bossy?"


"This is the way I am." he shrugged his shoulders. " I like the things to be my way."

"But you can't control everything. There are things that don't go the way you want to. Like your marriage. What you wanted and what you got are completely different."

Aaron just smiled at this.
"Only if you knew." he said in a low voice.

"You said something?"

"Nothing. Just eat."

"So you are ordering me again."

"Then you should get used to it now."

Livia  looked at him for a moment and then with cheesy smile she said,"This marriage is more of a business than love or emotions and since you are the buyer you call the shots. So according to that I should call you boss. Right?"

"Boss..huh.  I won't mind. Now eat quickly."

"Ok, Boss." With that Livia  took the first bite of her food.

' is heaven. God, I was really hungry. I have no idea how would I have gone to sleep with an empty stomach. I didn't eat anything in the morning and in the party too I was so nervous that I could hardly eat anything. Maybe I still have some hope of being able to talk to him for my freedom.'

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