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The story of Liam Richardson and Evangeline Rose has now been published on Amazon 🎉🎊

And it's in the ebook version so go and check it out.

Since you all have been so very supportive in my journey from the very start I am leaving the draft version of "IT BEGAN WITH A KISS" as it is on Wattpad. 🥰
It's my way of showing my gratitude to all my lovely readers. I'm really really thankful to you all. ❤️

While the book published on Amazon has the same characters but the story is a little different.

Q. So if the story is available on Wattpad  why should I buy it on Amazon?

* Do you want to see more of the Liam Richardson? What he thinks and what he believes?

* Do you know there is a reason why Eva thought he was a murderer? Yes, an actual reason.

* This time the story has actually began with a kiss not with a game of truth and dare.

* Who do you think entered the door when Eva played truth and dare?
Hint : It's not Liam.

* Do you want to know why Liam was sent out of the labour room during the delivery of their first babygirl?

* Are you really satisfied with the proposal in an elevator?

* What if Liam never had a brother?

# If you've liked any story of mine so far then I'm sure you'll love this one too. Trust me and give it a chance 😊

The published version has 85k+ words. Proofread n edited.

You can read the 1st chapter of the published version of IT BEGAN WITH A KISS here on Wattpad.😇

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