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Ajeeb Dastaan [✔️] by _Hxl1m4_
Ajeeb Dastaan [✔️]by Suga Candy⁷
A story on SwaSan. . . Read to know more and I hope you have an awesome time reading it. . . Enjoy. . . ✨ ______________ Status: Completed (24/03/18) Cover Credit: @Sile...
Redamancy by hazeltrance0708
Redamancyby hazeltrance0708
Story starts after Arnav apparently comes back from London...he wasn't kidnapped...The sequences will unravel as the story progresses... Khushi finally decides to take...
MaNan Os: When Mr. Billionaire Meets Miss. Heroine√√ by snehakarmakar30
MaNan Os: When Mr. Billionaire Sneha Karmakar
Hii, guys, this is a MaNan one shot. Its about a billionaire & a heroine. Let's see when happen when they meet each other?
Charmed by CraziiePauleng
Charmedby AngelieJho
Your name fits you. Charm. You charmed me and I can't find my way out- Maddox Garcia
Ang Spoiled Brat kong Alalay (Inamorata Series #3) by wyrdaest
Ang Spoiled Brat kong Alalay ( Wyyyyyy
[ON-HOLD] [SLOW UD] Lizelia Johann Arevallo was a spoiled brat. She has a bitchy attitude, idle and so full of herself. She do whatever she wanted to do and party all n...
Perfect Misunderstanding  by lantanababy
Perfect Misunderstanding by Hajra Bukar
Meet Zuhra Hisham Basal is a carefree sassy and sarcastic girl who always gets what she wants even though she acts like a spoilt brat but deep down within her is a polit...
My love by Navya_k_Arun
My loveby Navya♥AS
Highest rank #7 General fiction on (31-12-2016) Navya Mallik... The second name of life. Yes... she was the girl with full of life. Bubbly...chirpy... always smiling...2...
She has me Under her Spell by SerreeeenaV
She has me Under her Spellby SerreeeenaV
Story of Clane Baltzar and precious millicent Sanchez
Synopsis Naehsken Eahzen Miles Vendervee is a gorgeous business tycoon. He's happily engaged to her beloved fiance named, Kimmy Jilliane Devar, the Philippine president'...
Love Is... by unique7_saba
Love by definition is deep liking, intense affection, etc, etc. But what is love? It's different for everyone right? Well it's definately different for Sid and Kia, d...
Project Azrael by Inanna19
Project Azraelby Inanna19
'Have you heard of the angel of death? Azrael. Unlike what people would like to believe, is extremely sensitive and kind. He ensures that the transition from this life...
Marquesa by KindaLatezy
Marquesaby no, u did not
Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she's still not contented and happy. Being her comes with a great responsibility, she always need to be sophisticated, behave in t...
Call it anything but love by authorKNarcissa
Call it anything but loveby authorSKarmakar
Meet Arihan, son of the business magnate Soumik Karmakar. A dashing young man in his mid twenties, who has returned from the States after his graduation, ready to take o...
Guard My Heart by LIABIE1
Guard My Heartby LIA
"You were never interested in me. Now what made you blabber all these non sensical stuff in stretch." Tina asked dubiously. "It is a waste to talk some...
Perfect Encounter ♥ 😍 💕  by Rimi02
Perfect Encounter ♥ 😍 💕 by Rimi02
When 2 people, having different personalities meet accidentally with each other and unwillingly one of them needs to depend on the other. What will happen??..😊They will...
The Modern Belle by booklarvae
The Modern Belleby Veron
In a small town, there lived a lady named Belle. She's the unica ija of a merchant. She loves his merchant father dearly for it was her only family left. But one day som...
A Journalist And A Business Tycoon's Historia De Amor by Steorra_Celosia
A Journalist And A Business Steorra_Celosia
Their lives are different, so are their worlds'. Both wanted is a simple and happy life but fate had planned something else. She is a person with full of life, fun-lov...