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"Mr Rodriguez, is madam coming down to eat?" Mrs Goodwill asked Aaron while serving.

" I am not sure just ask her whatever she wants." Aaron's frustration was clear in his voice. It was strange, he thought, he never allowed anger to overpower him so much but what was happening to him now?

"There she is." Mrs Goodwill chirped and they both looked up as Livia was descending the stairs. Her hair cascading around her shoulders. She was wearing a white floral dress.
"She looks beautiful." Mrs Goodwill complemented.

"Indeed." said Aaron. His voice more of a Whisper.
Livia came to them and Mrs Goodwill pulled a chair nearest to Aaron for her. Livia sat down and looked at Aaron.

She gave him a small smile and even though his ego was telling him to look away and not to talk to her, he still smiled back and what's more he even complemented her.
"You look beautiful in this dress."
'Aaron! have you lost your mind? What are you doing?' he kicked himself inwardly.

"Thanks." Livia blushed at his compliment.

' I love it when she blush like that.' Aaron felt himself smiling.

They had just finished their meal when Mrs Goodwill came downstairs with a small bag in her hand.
"I have packed Mrs Rodriguez's clothes. It's enough for a week long stay." she said while handing over the bag to Aaron.

"Where are we going ?" Livia asked Aaron.

He pulled her chair and helped her to stand."We are still on our honeymoon."

She blushed. "What are you saying, Aaron?"

"Shhh...Mrs Goodwill is watching." he said in a low voice.
"Give this bag to me, Mrs Goodwill."
She handed him the bag and he placed his hand at Livia's back and propelled the forward.

"Mr and Mrs Rodriguez, don't worry. You  enjoy your honeymoon and I will look after the house."

Livia looked back at Mrs Goodwill who now winked at her.
'I just hope she isn't expecting me to bring a child in my arms when I come back here.'

They took their seats and Aaron started the engine.
"Where are we going?"

"To one of the place where I need your help. This is one of the reason I married you."

"What do you want me to do?"

"There is a house in Brokenhurst that I want to buy but the elderly couple who own the house, no matter how big a sum I offer them rejects my proposal. They said that house is the place where they spent their life and they won't give the house to someone like me."

" I guess they want a married couple who could love each other and the house just the way they love each other because that house holds a lot of memories for them."said Livia.

Aaron glanced at her and smiled. "I must say you are intelligent."

"And they can't give you that house because you are quite famous in gossip magazines and that too for all the wrong reasons." Livia completed.

He looked at her but  said nothing this time because she was right.
"So this time since I have you with me maybe they will agree to sell the house to me."

They were travelling for hours now and the weather started to change.
" I think it's going to rain soon. The weather doesn't look good. Maybe we should stop somewhere in a hotel." Livia suggested.

"No, we are about to reach. Its just 10 minutes ride now. "
Suddenly the car's engine made some noise and it stopped.

"What happened?" Livia asked.
"Let me check." Aaron got out of the car.

Livia too stepped out and started stretching a bit. Her feet were numb now and her arms were aching.
Suddenly the wind started to blow with speed and with thunder it started raining.

"Livia!" Aaron shouted.
Livia looked at the direction Aaron was coming from. She frowned,"Why is he running like?"
Suddenly she looked up and realised that a heavy branch of the tree, she was standing below, was about to fall on her.

Aaron pushed her and covered her with his body to protect her. There was a loud noise. Livia finally realised what had happened. She tried to get up and then she saw blood on her hand but she wasn't hurt.
Panicked, she looked at Aaron.

"Aaron!" he was injured. There was blood coming out from his shoulder. He had hit his head  in an attempt to save her.
"Aaron!" Livia screamed trying to wake him up.

"Ugghh..." Aaron groaned in pain.
"I need to get some help but there is no one around."she was on the verge of tears now.

"Shh.. calm down first, the house is nearby." he told her the directions and asked her to go and get some help.

"No, I can't leave you alone here. I am afraid by the time I'll come with the help-" she didn't want to say anything further.
She rushed to the car and looked for her scarf. She then tied the scarf on his wounded shoulder to stop any more blood loss and tried to stand him on his feet. "Please Aaron, try to walk a bit. We will be there soon."

She put one hand around his waist and put his arm around her neck so that she  could hold him properly. It was beginning to dark.
Walking through the rain, following Aaron's directions she found a house.
She knocked at the door frantically."Please open the door!"

An old man opened the door and looked at her.
"Please help! My husband is injured."
The old man looked at Aaron and frowned.
"Mr Rodriguez?"

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