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He remembered the party at John Smith's house where he had originally gone to offer his "help'' to the businessman who was on the verge of bankruptcy. And for the help, he was offering, the other businessman had to  marry his daughter Ada to him and give him the 50% partnership in his business.

Smith had agreed quite easily and his wife was more than ready to even announce the engagement of her daughter, Ada to the billionaire Aaron Rodriguez. He, then met Ada who had no problem with this arrangement because she was assured that she will be given a fixed amount of thousands of dollars every month which she could spend on her parties and shopping and in turn Aaron would have her 50% shares at his disposal. Everything was going as per the plan but then entered the elder Smith daughter... Livia Smith and her arrival had made Aaron question his decision of marrying Ada.

He still remember the dress Livia wore that day,  the faint smell of her soft perfume when she passed by his side and the soft touch of her hand when they were introduced. He didn't quite remember the last time he couldn't get his eyes off from a woman...never. Something like that had never happened before.

He had dated many models and heiress but none of them had caught his attention the way she did and he wondered why. Then he looked at her and realised... her curves , of course! He had spent that evening  staring at her or to be more precise her provoking curves and then she had given him that look which clearly called him "shameless." Her eyes were screaming this word. He chuckled at the memory.

For the rest of the evening she had avoided any eye contact with him and her cheeks had remained that dark shade of pink. She was embarrassed and he knew it. But just as the bastard that he was he didn't try to make any effort to put her at ease. Rather he enjoyed the sight of her.

He had dated many models and beauties and had taken the pleasures they so willingly offered but even after their efforts none of them had  managed to grab his attention for more than a few days or sometimes probably a week. Whereas the woman beside him who was now his wife had captivated his attention without really doing anything.

She had been on his mind for longer than he had ever allowed anyone. The models he had dated were all zero figures and he was quite convinced that they were the types he liked. Though he never quite understood why their diet involved mostly salads and mineral water from morning to night. He always wondered if they too ever felt starved...starved to death. Why someone would starve herself like that... especially when they had plenty to eat. He himself had an early introduction with starvation. He knew the feeling of going hungry for days with nothing to eat on plate.

The feeling of warmth that had filled his heart earlier was now slowly begining to evaporate by his dark past.

"Hmmm..." he heard the faint sigh of Livia as she stirred in her sleep. She furrowed her brows as if thinking hard about something. Aaron lifted his  hand and gently moved his fingers on her brows. Her expression smoothed  again and she made a soft sound which made Aaron smile and with this the warmth surfaced once again.

Is she what they call a 'dream catcher'Aaron wondered.

"Sir, we have arrived." the driver told Aaron.


Livia felt a gentle hand touching her cheeks and then shaking her shoulder. She stirred again.

"Wake up, Livia." she heard the now familiar dark and rich voice and slowly opened her eyes.

And there was standing in front of her- her buyer, the Playboy, the handsome and rich business tycoon- Aaron Rodriguez who was now her husband.  Livia closed her eyes again 'Maybe this is just a nightmare I am having and when I'll open my eyes I will be in my room on my bed and there will be no sign of Mr Arrogant.'

"Open your eyes, Livia. We have to board the plane.'' she wasn't dreaming, she acknowledged when she heard the impatient sound of her buyer. She finally opened her eyes and Aaron extended his hand to help her out of the car. She placed her hand in his as she got out of the car and just as she took a step forward, she faltered and was about to fall but Aaron was just in time to catch her.

Her hands were clutching tightly on his coat and his hands were on her back and   waist, supporting her. This close proximity tensed Livia and stuttering her sorries and thankyous she withdrew  herself from his hold. The concerned and warm expression which was there in his eyes earlier now got replaced by anger and it was quite visible in his tone too. "Let's move quickly. We have to leave." With this he started walking ahead of her.

Livia's legs felt numb. She tried another step and this time she fell on his back. He turned to her and scooped her up in bridal style. This sudden action shocked Livia. With her eyes wide in shock and face flushed she stared at Aaron.

"Put me down! I can walk."she protested.

"We don't have time for your baby steps Livia and if you keep struggling like this then instead of putting you down I will just throw you on the ground."he said with his gaze ahead.

"No!" Livia quickly put her arms  tightly around Aaron's neck.

"Then be good and stop moving." he ordered.
And with that final word he started walking towards his private plane with her in his arms and a victorious smile on his face.

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