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"No you don't have to."

Livia turned around and saw Aaron standing at the door of the bedroom. His eyes showing emotion too intense and alien to Livia but still that look from him was making her heart race.

He took a step towards her and Livia took a step back afraid that they might come too close. Though this step of her made Aaron  stop in his tracks. Livia  looked up and wondered if that intense look she had seen a moment ago in his eyes was her imagination because right now his eyes were holding that cold expression for which he was famous.

'Does this man suffer from mood swings?  Or is there something wrong with my eyes?'

"Let's go. We are getting late." Aaron said impatiently.

He was already dressed for the party Livia  noticed. 'May be used one of the rooms of this hotel.'

Aaron moved towards the door and held it open for Livia.

'C'mon Livia,  this is for your freedom. You can do it.' she took a deep breath and moved forward.

As they left the suite and walked towards the lift, Aaron placed his hand at the  small of her back. This contact made her shiver. More so because the deep cut design at the back of her dress was providing skin to skin contact. She looked at Aaron and Aaron was looking in front
'Here I feel like crackers are bursting all around me. How can he looks so calm and composed as if the world is at peace. Is it just me who is getting so worked up for no reason at all?'

She wanted to remove his hand but there were people around and she had no intention of creating a scene. The lift doors opened and they stepped in.  It was just the two of them in the lift and this only intensified the electricity between them and Livia could  feel it. She turned her head away from Aaron. She wanted to scream and yell at everyone around her and especially at herself.
'How can you feel like this around him? You could have chosen someone better!'
To stop any noise of frustration coming out from her mouth she bit her lower lip and kept it pressed under her teeth.

"Will you stop punishing that lip?" Aaron said frustratingly while freeing her lower lip from her teeth. They were standing too close now and were looking in each other's eyes.

'He just have to lower his head a bit for our lips to touch...'

Just then the lift doors opened and they had to move out.
'Livia! Are you insane? Are you that hungry for his kiss? His touch?' she was feeling embarrassed for her thoughts that were betraying her. 'How will you fight for your freedom if you will want his touch, his eyes, his lips... stop!!'

"The car is ready." said the manager.

Aaron helped her into the backseat of the car and sat on his side opposite to her. The driver pulled the car into the roads of busy London Street. They both sat quietly, looking outside the window as if thinking about something. Both busy in their own thoughts. Neither of them talked.

Finally they reached their destination and Aaron once again like a gentleman helped her out of the car. They were now standing in front of a huge villa. Aaron looked at Livia and said,"This is your first task Livia."

Livia looked at Aaron and asked,"What do you want me to do?"

"You just have to mix up with the wives  of businessmen there so that they stay out when I talk about my plans for the industry. You have to charm everyone. That's all."

"I'm not really a party person. I am more of an introvert so I am not sure what will I really talk about to those women and yes I have never tried charming anyone. So I think I lack all the skills you need from me." Livia said looking at him nervously.

Of course she didn't like him but she also didn't want to soil his reputation. So she just wanted to warn him beforehand.
Aaron looked at her and chuckled. "Don't worry, You do have all those skills and abilities. It's just that you don't know about it. And as for charming others you don't even have to try and people will be charmed by you."

"You talk as if you know me better than myself."

"Or else why do you think I chose you?"

Livia frowned and looked at him.
"Our marriage wasn't pre-planned. It was just a forced marriage where I was forced and you didn't got what you paid for. I am just a stand-in bride."

Aaron looked at her for a moment and finally spoke,"No, I just got the best."

"Hmmm? You said something?" Livia looked at him confused.

"Don't think too much. Let's go."

"Are you really sure about taking me...I mean I am really awkward around people."

"Don't worry and just be yourself."

He placed his hand at the small of her back and there was that spark again but both of them tried to ignore it and moved forward. They entered the large hall and after the formal introductions were made Aaron entered his business talk and Livia was taken away by a group of women. Even though she was nervous at the beginning but those ladies were so nice that she slowly began to feel at ease.

As she was engaged in a conversation Livia felt prickles on her body. She looked up and found Aaron standing with his colleagues who were engaged in their business talk. But even when he was talking Aaron was watching her. So that was the reason she felt tickling on her skin. He was watching her...

"Are you ok, Mrs Rodriguez? You look flushed." one of the lady expressed her concern at Livia's flushed skin.

"Oh! I am alright. Maybe the heat.." Livia tried to cover the truth.

"But the rooms are fully air conditioned." the other chuckled.

'Damn Livia! Stop making a fool of yourself.'she screamed inwardly.

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