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"Is that all or something's still left?"Aaron asked.

Trying to control her anger she continued,"It says I can't have extra marital affair."

Aaron looked at her as if he would just kill her with that glare.
"So you want to have affairs outside this marriage?" he asked giving a murderous look.

"I am not you  Mr Rodriguez."
This statement of hers along with relief  stabbed a knife in him. He understood what was she pointing at. His lavish lifestyle with girls and women surrounding him.

"So you don't have to worry about this and of course if I won't have any affairs outside this marriage, a child is out of question but if I found something about your discreet relationships then I can't promise if I'll be able to follow these  clauses anymore and you can't blame me for that." Livia declared.

"You don't have to worry about it.'' he assured.

"And I'll file a divorce if I found any of your mistresses around me."

Aaron's lips lifted from a corner and he asked,"Why Livia? Jealous?"

She raised her eyes at him and said while looking straight into his eyes.
"No, not jealousy but self respect. I don't want people to look at me with pity in their eyes."

"But I am a man. You can't expect me to remain celibate for the rest of our married years." Aaron looked at her with a devilish grin.

They were now repeating yesterday's conversation but she was smart this time.
" I am not asking you to remain Celibate but just be careful so as to keep this away from my and media's attention." Livia  hated herself for saying this.
Which woman on earth would allow or like her husband to have a relationship with some other woman. But it's my heart and not a toy. I am not going to handover my heart to a playboy. If I have to have enter into a physical relationship then it would be with someone whom I am sure I can love and whom I'm  sure I can give my heart and he will cherish.

"Next." Aaron said. His face devoid of all emotions.

"It says I have to inform you before doing anything or going anywhere."

"That's correct.

" I am not your slave!"

"Whether you like it or not you have to obey this one."

"I disagree.''
Now she was realising it why he is called a ruthless and successful businessman. Because he doesn't care about emotions of another person. He just wants to have his own way and he always gets what he wants.

"Livia, this one cannot be negotiated. You'll have to follow this clause."

"I want to have my freedom!"

"I am not holding you back but you just have to tell me when you are out somewhere or with someone. Of  course, it's your life you have the rights, you are free to do whatever you want but be careful not to soil my reputation or else-"

"Why do you think I'll do anything like that when it's you who does everything."
'He is really irritating.'
"I don't want any bodyguards around me."

"That's a must. You are my wife now. I don't want you to end up in troubles and-"

" I am not a troublemaker and I can look after myself."

"But sometimes you don't know what kind of people are around you. What if someone tries to kidnap you?"

Idea of being kidnapped didn't sound that great to her and to be very honest it  really scared her.
"O...OK I will think about it again."

"Why are you wearing same dress as yesterday?" Aaron asked her when he noticed that Livia was wearing the same sundress as yesterday.

"Uhhh... I don't have anything else."

"Your cupboard is filled with clothes."

"It is but the clothes are not mine. There  are just two dresses and a pair of pyjamas that belongs to me, the rest belongs to Ada and her clothes doesn't fit me that well so I have a very limited choice." she shrugged.

"Where are your clothes then?"
" I had come just to attend the wedding and not play the bride." She answered.

Aaron didn't ask anything else.


"And after we divorce I don't want your money and if you really want to give me something then just do me a favour. Never show your face to me ever again. I am not one of those who can still "be friends"."

Aaron smiled at the memory of Livia saying this. Of all the affairs he had those women had tried hard to keep in touch with him and here this woman wanted to kick him out of her world with a sign,"Aaron Rodriguez is not allowed" hanging on her door.

"Are you sure you don't want money?"

" I am capable of looking after myself. So I don't need it." she had said proudly.

"Do you know how much I earn in a month, Livia?" she had looked up at him not knowing what to answer.
" I earn billions and if we divorce  then you will get the 10% of my profits, that is if the divorce is filed from my side, which will never happen." he continued." Do you know how many zeros are there in a billion?" he had asked.

Livia had started counting on her fingers and he had wanted to laugh.
"People who love literature more are usually weak in mathematics."
Aaron chuckled as he continued,"And here I'd thought you were a good student."

She looked at him pursing her lips as she said, "I never claimed to be a topper in maths. Maths and I never had such good relations."

"Oh that's sad." he tried to sound genuine as he fought his laughter.

"Yeah... there are 9 zeroes." she had finally answered.

"And how much would be the 10% of that?"

"Are you taking my maths classes?" Livia  had asked unhappily.
He chuckled at the memory.
"It's more than enough to keep you from having to work for the next 60 to 70 years of your life."

" Mr. Aaron Rodriguez, if you have so much money then just help me to get my laptop and phone from my house. That would be more than enough for me."

"If you want I'll buy you a new one."

"No! its special."

"Why?" 'Did a boy gave it to you?' he had wanted to ask.

" I bought it from my savings from my-" then she had stopped "forget it. That's not important to you. And as for your money I don't want it. I don't even know how would I be able to handle it!"

'Yeah. Dad's princess who never had to worry about anything.'
Though her expression had screamed
"So much of money is scary!"

Is she really different from the women I have dated or is it just a pretence?

"We have arrived, Sir." the driver stopped the car

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